NAS Reviews NIJ's Role in Forensic Science

The National Academy of Sciences has published the report Support for Forensic Science Research: Improving the Scientific Role of the National Institute of Justice, which is an independent and rigorous review of NIJ’s contribution to forensic science research and development.

Webinar: Familial DNA Database Search System

A webinar presented by the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence in September 2015, "Familial DNA Database Search System," is now available to view on demand.


NIJ Funds Research in 2015

In her Director's Corner remark on October 13, 2015, National Institute of Justice Director Nancy Rodriguez reported that for fiscal year 2015, NIJ made "over $156 million in grant awards to more than 210 research projects."

Case Study: Northeast Crime Lab

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Ask anyone who works in a crime lab about the biggest challenge to their work, and they’ll say the rapid increase in biological evidence and a lack of additional storage space.

NIJ Uses Science to Find Solutions to Unsubmitted Sexual Assault Kits

Effective sexual assault responses requires regular communication, collaboration, and cooperation among all the stakeholders. Practitioners from law enforcement, district attorneys’ offices, forensic science, medical and mental health, and victim-support services who work together can improve responses to sexual assault. NIJ-funded research is being used to continually improve the effectiveness of our nation’s response to sexual assault.

Using Strontium Isotope Data in Hair Analysis

Through the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, NIJ has made available the following final technical report (this report is the result of an NIJ-funded project but was not published by the U.S. Department of Justice):

Isotope Analyses of Hair as a Trace Evidence Tool to Reconstruct Human Movements: Combining Strontium Isotope with Hydrogen/Oxygen Isotope Data (pdf, 51 pages)

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Interview with an Expert

One of the more specialized areas of crime-scene investigation has to do with searching for evidence of arson. To get some background in this area, we spoke with an individual who has had more than 46 years in fire service, 24 of which have focused specifically on fire/arson investigation.