Impression, Pattern, Trace Evidence Recordings Archived Online

The 2018 Impression, Pattern and Trace Evidence Symposium featured two full days of scientific sessions on January 24th and 25th: two keynote addresses, three plenary sessions, two open panel discussions, and 48 oral presentations—totaling over 100 presenters. Those sessions are now archived on the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence website.


Forensic Analysis of Ignitable Liquid Fuel Fires

The Forensic Technology Center of Excellence recently released a report that describes research by engineering and consulting firm JENSEN HUGHES, Inc., led by Dr. Daniel Gottuk, that aimed to advance the forensic analysis of ignitable liquid fuel fires.

Webinar: Robotic Extraction and Forensic Analysis of Insulin Analogs

ForensicED (Forensic Science Education) recently announced a webinar—to be held January 31, 2018 at 11 a.m. EST—titled "Robotic Extraction & Forensic Analysis of Insulin Analogs". In this webinar, presenters will explain an automated immuno-affinity micro-extraction approach for the quantitation of insulin analogs in post-mortem vitreous humor.


Registration Open for 2018 Impression, Pattern, and Trace Evidence Symposium

The NIJ's Forensic Technology Center of Excellence will be hosting the 2018 IPTES (Impression, Pattern, and Trace Evidence Symposium) Online, January 24-25, 2018.


New Books for January 2018

The publication of two new books in the area of Forensic Science was recently announced: Forensic Toxicology by Max Houck, and Forensic Odontology: Principles and Practice by Thomas David and Jim Lewis.

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New Books

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Most forensic disciplines attempt to determine the “who” of a crime. But bloodstain pattern analysis focuses on the “what happened” part of a crime. This book is the third edition of Blood-stain Pattern Analysis. The authors explore the topic in depth, explaining what it is, how it is used, and the practical methodologies that are employed to achieve defensible results. It offers practical, common-sense advice and tips for both novices and professionals.