Changes in the Novel Psychoactive Substance Market

A study funded by the NIJ aimed to address "analytical challenges within the forensic community in detecting and monitoring novel drug use." In "Monitoring Changes in the Novel Psychoactive Substance Market", authors Alex J. Krotulski, Amanda L.A. Mohr, Melissa Fiscia, and Barry K. Logan collected biological samples and survey information from participants at four electronic dance music festivals in three U.S. locations over two years.

New Forensic Laboratory Needs TWG Created

The NIJ's Forensic Technology Center of Excellence recently announced the formation of a new forensic science technology working group, called the Forensic Laboratory Needs TWG (pronounced F-L-N-TWIG).


SWGDE Releases Drafts for Public Comment - 2018

The Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence has released the following documents in draft form for public comment. Members of the forensic community are invited to provide feedback, which will be reviewed and addressed by SWGDE before publishing the documents as final.


Remote Access to Digital Evidence

So many investigations today involve digital evidence — and it grows increasingly likely all the time that this digital evidence is held at a remote location, possibly even by a company overseas. A report recently published by the RAND Corporation (made possible by an NIJ grant) seeks "to improve legitimate law enforcement access and use of remotely held digital evidence in a manner that is legal, effective, timely, and understandable."


Upcoming Online Symposium: Forensic Toxicology

This three-day Forensic Toxicology Event, sponsored by RTI International and Agilent Technologies, will bring together the world’s leading forensic toxicologists to learn about critical issues and the various ways in which they are being addressed. The symposium takes place May 22-24, 2018.

Webinar: DNA Kinship Testing

The Forensic Technology Center of Excellence recently archived its DNA Kinship Testing Webinar Series, and it is now available for viewing online.


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Recovering Latent Fingerprints from Cadavers

IN A HOMICIDE CASE, the recovery of latent impressions from a body is just one more step that should be taken in the process of completing a thorough search. This article is directed at crime-scene technicians and the supervisors who support and direct evidence-recovery operations both in the field and in the controlled settings of the medical examiner’s office or the morgue under the coroner’s direction.