Why Clean with Enzymes?

Three reasons why enzymes are better for cleaning in the laboratory.

Identifying the Victims of Gacy

Scientists at the University of North Texas in Fort Worth are trying to help solve the final mysteries left by notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

There's an App for Spectrophotometry

Shimadzu has developed the Shimadzu UV iPhone® app, which is now available for download in the Apple iTunes® store. This free app gives any UV-Vis spectroscopist a reliable tool that provides routine information quickly from anywhere.

Training Calendar - Forensic Science

This is just a brief listing of training courses from now through January that might be of interest to those working in forensic science. Many more listings can be found on our online Training Calendar.

Articulating Tool Boards Offer Quick Access To The Tools You Need Everyday

An industrial workbench is suitable for various environments, including healthcare and manufacturing facilities. Several accessories are available for these workstations including packaging tables, lighting, and computer accessories. Perhaps the most useful types of accessories are those with an articulating quality, such as articulating tool boards.

Forensic Lab Safety: Ergonomic Seating

As work becomes more demanding, additional stress is unavoidable. The physical stresses that can lead to injury, though, can be avoided by ensuring that one’s work environment is ergonomically sound.

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New Books

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Most forensic disciplines attempt to determine the “who” of a crime. But bloodstain pattern analysis focuses on the “what happened” part of a crime. This book is the third edition of Blood-stain Pattern Analysis. The authors explore the topic in depth, explaining what it is, how it is used, and the practical methodologies that are employed to achieve defensible results. It offers practical, common-sense advice and tips for both novices and professionals.