Video: Progress on Testing Sexual Assault Kits

In a video produced by the National Institute of Justice, members from the Nevada Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Working Group describe the importance of using a multidisciplinary, victim-centered approach in addressing complex issues that arise while responding to sexual assault.

Free Workshop: Imaging in Medicolegal Death Investigation

The Forensic Technology Center of Excellence is hosting a Technology Transition Workshop, November 11-13, 2016 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, titled Advanced Radiologic Imaging in Medicolegal Death Investigation.

Statistics Workshop Offers Free Registration and Travel

The Forensic Technology Center of Excellence announced a Technology Transition Workshop: Statistics and Applied Mathematics in Forensic Science (Fall 2016), to be held October 31, 2016 - November 2, 2016 in Washington, DC. For all selected attendees, registration is free and all travel expenses will be paid for by the FTCoE.

Field Based Narcotics ID

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The utilization of field-based narcotics identification by the Phoenix Police Crime Laboratory has helped the agency ensure speedy prosecution while saving valuable lab resources.

PFIC 2016: The Conference that Launched a new Discipline with E3

There are many conferences in the digital forensics world that examiners can attend to learn new skills or hone their skills, meet with colleagues and like-minded professionals, and have a good time. However, no other conference incorporates all of those elements into one package better than PFIC, Paraben Corporation’s Forensic Innovation Conference.

Characterization of Designer Drugs

A new technical report recently made available by the NIJ takes a look at the characterization of designer drugs. The report, Characterization of Designer Drugs: Chemical Stability, Exposure, and Metabolite Identification, Final Summary Overview and Appendix, offers research that aimed to "gain a more thorough understanding of designer drugs with respect to their chemical exposure profiles and biological elimination pathways."

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The language barrier between English-speaking investigators and Spanish-speaking witnesses is a growing problem. (Updated 28 February 2011)