Promoting Positive Coping Strategies in Law Enforcement

March 6, 2020 — Since 2011, the Officer Safety and Wellness Group has tended to focus on more overt signs of the effects of stressors on law enforcement personnel: line-of-duty deaths, post-traumatic stress, and suicide. But in July 2019, the group convened to focus on the potentially negative coping strategies—such as alcoholism and substance abuse—that law enforcement personnel might employ in order to deal with day-to-day stressors.

Layoffs Lead to Higher Rates of Violent Offenses and Property Crimes

March 9, 2020 — Newly published research by a Case Western Reserve University economist finds that involuntary job loss causes a dramatic increase in criminal behavior.

Drive Safe: New Law Enforcement Operations Driving Skills Course

March 10, 2020 — Law enforcement officers face increasingly dangerous conditions on our roadways. With faster vehicles, more distractions behind the wheel and dynamic environments on the road, they face many risks when responding to emergency calls. Statistics from the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund show that law enforcement officers face a higher risk of death and injury traveling to the scene of an incident than at the actual scene itself. In fact, vehicle-related collisions are the one of the leading causes of death for law enforcement officers.

Webinar: Providing Forensic Healthcare to Native Communities

February 18, 2020 — A webinar on February 27, 2020 presented by the NIJ's Forensic Technology Center of Excellence aims to heighten awareness among forensic examiners of the importance of providing culturally appropriate and trauma-informed services to the American Indian / Alaska Native (AI/AN) community. The webinar will discuss jurisdictional factors affecting examinations, pertinent laws to consider, and health care services that may be available to AI/AN populations.

Foundation Supports Families of First Responders Who Paid the Ultimate Price

February 12, 2020 — The Front Line Foundation announced recently they have started 2020 by paying death benefits to six families of first responders who died while serving others.

Fewer Liquor Stores May Lead to Less Homicide

February 13, 2020 — Reducing the number of businesses in Baltimore that sell alcohol in residential areas may lower the homicide rate, according to new research in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

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