Are Commercial 3D Cameras and Camcorders Capable of Face Collections at 50 meters?

A report released recently by the National Institute of Justice's National Criminal Justice Reference Service describes the market survey and findings for 3D cameras and camcorders capable of face collections at 50 meters or greater, and an assessment of 2D camera background removal algorithms and techniques.

NIJ Launches Funding Webinar Series

The National Institute of Justice will be hosting six educational webinars about solicitations that are new this year, or contain key changes. The webinars are free and will help interested stakeholders learn more about the research goals, technical and submission requirements, and program objectives.


Property and Evidence Rooms in the News

From items gone missing to cash unexpectedly found, police department's property and evidence rooms frequent the headlines. Here's just a few from the last month.

Investigating Sexual Assault Against People with Disabilities

A six-part series from the organization End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) explores, from a law enforcement perspective, the investigation and prosecution of sexual assaults perpetrated against people with disabilities. The series of articles can be accessed for free at the EVAWI website.

How Foreclosures Affect Crime Rates

As millions of homes across the country slipped into foreclosure, national media outlets reported anecdotal evidence suggesting that foreclosed properties increase neighborhood crime. NIJ funded three research studies to offer some clarity to the discussion. The three studies, which used different methods, seem to agree that foreclosures and bank-owned properties do not increase criminal activity, except in certain sections of specific U.S. cities.

Ductless Fume Hood Keeps Personnel Safe

Special Advertising Section
Erlab’s CaptairFlex ductless fume hood keeps the Portsmouth Police Department’s personnel safe.


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