Webinar: Post-Arrest Communications Between Victims and Suspects

EVAW International has announced a webinar for Wednesday, August 30, 2017 titled, "In Their Own Words: Practical Tools and Techniques for Obtaining Post-Arrest Communications in Cases of Intimate Partner Violence and Human Trafficking." The webinar will take a look at one often-overlooked area in the investigation of intimate partner violence or human trafficking: post-arrest communication between victims, suspects, and friends and family of suspects.


Native Student Scholarship to IACP 2017

NIJ is seeking to sponsor five undergraduate or graduate students, who are American Indian or Alaska Natives studying science, technology, engineering, and math, to attend the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference (IACP) conference in Philadelphia on October 21–24, 2017.

Forensic Odontology Conference Offers Hands-On Training

All That Remains, a Forensic Odontology National Conference, will give dental professionals unique exposure to current forensic dentistry methods and provide hands-on training for individual and mass-disaster casualty identification in death investigations.

Evaluation of Device for Collection of Postmortem Prints

A grant report authored by Marzena Mulawka and Mike Troy describes an NIJ-funded project that evaluated the potential for using a contactless, 3D fingerprint scanner for the capture of examination-quality postmortem fingerprints.

Webinar: Animal DNA in Criminal Investigations

A webinar on June 29, 2017, hosted by the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence will provide an overview of the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory Forensic Unit at UC Davis, and the types of cases encountered in a non-human DNA laboratory. Also included will be the DNA analysis in dogs and sampling and submission of evidence.

Property Room News - May 2017

Police property and evidence rooms get a lot of media attention, both positive and negative. Here are a few of the recent P&E headlines.

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Digital-Image Management at Mass Gravesites

SKELETONIZED REMAINS that were carefully unearthed from the desert sands of Iraq tell their own story: the bones of an adult, still dressed in a woman’s apparel, lie supine. The skull is perforated by a bullet hole. Tucked in the space between the ribs and the left humerus is a much smaller skeleton, bones in the skull un-fused, and the fully clothed body partially swaddled in a blanket.