Tool Kit: In-Car and Body-Worn Camera Technology

There are a variety of options out there related to body-worn and in-car camera technology. Here's just a few:

Photography: Image Stacking

ONE OF THE MANY CONUNDRUMS to be solved before directing the technological growth of a developing world will always be properly defining the word impossible. It doesn’t sound too difficult at first, but upon second consideration it seems there are two proper definitions. One is, what is truly impossible, and the other is, what is impossible given the technological advancement of the day.

The Value of Online Training

IN THE CURRENT FORENSIC SCIENCE FIELD, there has been an increase in the number of entry-level practitioners and students, in part, due to the CSI Effect and the proliferation of collegiate forensic science programs. Likewise, current practitioners have an obligation to progressively increase their knowledge, skills, and abilities through continuing education.

NIST Corner: Face Recognition Experts Perform Better with AI as Partner

Multidisciplinary study provides scientific underpinnings for accuracy of forensic facial identification

Locating Bodies with GPR

THERE ARE MANY APPLICATIONS for ground-penetrating radar (GPR) in the field of law enforcement and security. One common application is to locate forensic evidence at a crime scene. In these cases, evidence is usually a body, weapon, or a container that may contain drugs, money, or documents. Many law enforcement agencies worldwide are using GPR to aid in locating this type of evidence.

Drones & Digital Intelligence

ONCE ONLY THE DOMAIN OF HOBBYISTS, commercial drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, have become wildly popular with usage increasing for work, play, and everything in between. Whether the application is photographing houses for real estate listings, determining how best to plant seeds and water crops, or delivering medicine to rural areas, drones are now easier to use, smaller and less expensive. So with the barrier of entry for owning your own drone never lower, and consumer demand at an all-time high, it’s no surprise that global sales hit 2.2 million with revenue at $4.5 billion and the market is expected to grow 28% through 2022.

3D Laser Scanning: Positioning the Jury at the Scene of a Murder

EARLY ON A SUNDAY MORNING in 2013, four teenagers started a fight with a man at a gas station in the City of Marietta, located in Cobb County, Georgia. The four teenagers punched and kicked the victim into traffic, pushed him to the ground, kicked him unconscious, and left him there. The helpless man was eventually hit by a passing car and later died of his injuries.

Book Excerpt: Cross-Examination

From the book, Successful Expert Testimony.

MOST CROSS-EXAMINATION “THREATS” exist only in the minds of the novice witness. Experienced experts are aware they have no dog in the fight. They come to court prepared, with their conclusions based on earnest effort, experience, testing, and data. Being questioned about their findings should not be cause for consternation.

To Protect and Store: Body Cameras Place New Demands on Police

AS LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES across the U.S. increasingly deploy body-worn cameras (BWCs) and dash cams to better protect and serve their communities, they are encountering a significant obstacle: the high cost, complexity, and compliance demands of storing video surveillance footage.




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Court Case Update

FINGERPRINT EVIDENCE went through a nearly three-year ordeal in the New Hampshire court system, but eventually emerged unscathed. On April 4, 2008, the New Hampshire Supreme Court unanimously reversed the decision of a lower court to exclude expert testimony regarding fingerprint evidence in the case of The State of New Hampshire v. Richard Langill. The case has been remanded back to the Rockingham County Superior Court.