New Association for Interviewers

A newly formed association—the International Association of Interviewers—is filling a unique niche for the interview and interrogation community that, until now, lacked a professional organization to support and represent its distinct needs.

Launched in June of 2012, the International Association of Interviewers (IAI) is the brainchild of the creators of the Center for Interviewer Standards and Assessments and the Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) designation, a certification that measures an interviewer's knowledge of universally accepted standards. IAI was created to support an underserved need for ongoing education and collaboration among individuals whose job responsibilities included interviewing, interrogation and investigations.

It is a stressful profession for those who do it—getting people to admit something they don't want to—and it has been wrought with bad publicity in recent years. The founders of the organization recognized that these human-resource, loss-prevention, law enforcement, and audit professionals needed their own association for interviewers, their own network, their own unified voice…and decided that IAI could support this niche, explained Dave Zulawski, chair of IAI.
Though the CFI is not required for an individual to become an IAI member, it is anticipated that non-CFIs who join IAI will benefit from their interactions with a high concentration of CFI thought leaders.
Benefits associated with joining IAI include:

  • Online interview support through a customized rationalization matrix
  • Discounts on webinars, conferences, seminars, books and self-studies
  • Legal updates and access to news and reports of interest to interview and interrogation professionals
  • A complimentary subscription to IAInsider Journal
  • Idea exchanges through members-only blogs, social networking, and mentoring programs
  • Continuing education for interviewers such as Elite Training Days, chapter events, subject matter experts and various other key benefits

"It is essential to recognize that IAI is a professional association, not a training company, and this distinction is significant," explained William Pawlucy, CAE, executive director of IAI. "While training companies focus on their own educational approach, IAI will expose members to multiple methods of interviews and interrogations and will welcome individuals coming from all interview training backgrounds both in the public and private sectors."
IAI members will include law enforcement, loss-prevention, audit, risk-management, and human-resource professionals. A solution-provider membership category has also been created. Every person and every organization with a stake in interviewing will benefit from IAI, stressed Pawlucy. IAI members will not only strengthen and improve their own interview abilities, but they will be able to mentor other interviewers, thus improving the performance of their organization.
For details about the organization, benefits and membership, visit

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