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Cross Match Technologies L SCAN 500P biometrics evidence forensic

Cross Match Technologies' L Scan 500P

Capture palm prints, ten-prints, and ID-flats using the Cross Match Technologies’ L SCAN 500P. Billed as the lightest and smallest palm scanner on the market, it achieves high-quality single-capture of upper, lower, and writer’s palm images, each in less than a second. The L SCAN 500P has an intractive LCD display with smart buttons, descriptive icons, and integrated color messages. According to the manufacturer, it captures forensic-quality images that comply with the FBI Image Quality Specification. For information, go to their website:

International Surveillance Technology IST Mobile Evidence Collection Vehicle

International Surveillance Technology's Mobile Evidence Collection Vehicle

Fully stocked and ready to go is a description of the Mobile Evidence Collection Vehicle from International Surveillance Technology (IST). This vehicle comes with an array of gear and supplies that should satisfy crime-scene professionals: portable power generators; cables; high-intensity lighting; camera systems; evidence-collection kits; sketch pads and maps; evidence tags and bags; regular and magnetic powders; fuming supplies; casting supplies; blood and seminal test kits...and more. To get more information about this mobile unit, you can go to the IST website:

Users can submit shoe prints to the online shoe-print identification service called and receive detailed information on the shoe or shoes that created the prints. This service, first trialed by Foster & Freeman Ltd. in 2006, has achieved a high success rate in searches in its first two years of operation. In fact, the 80-percent identification rate has led the company to offer a “No Result, No Fee” service, eliminating the risk of paying for an unsuccessful search. The service makes use of one of the world’s largest shoeprint collections, the Solemate database, which contains more than 18,000 records. Records are submitted via the Internet and are then processed by members of the team at the UK headquarters of Foster & Freeman. To get more details, go to their website:

Xplore Technologies Corporation iX104C4 Mobile Computer evidence

Xplore Technologies Corporation's iX104C4 Mobile Computer

A rugged mobile computer that was designed to be useful in both indoor and outdoor environments: That is the way that Xplore Technologies Corporation describes its new iX104C4 Mobile Computer. The unit is billed as having the best-in-class sunlight-readable display technology, along with dual mode, flexible user interface; new integrated wireless modules; and compatability with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Vista Business software. It has a 1.2 GHz Intel Core Due processor. One of the unit’s more interesting features for crime-scene investigators will probably be the unit’s rugged structure and ability to withstand transport and rough handling to remote locations. Check out their website:

Sperm Hyliter Package McCrone Group evidence forensic

The McCrone Group's Sperm Hyliter Package

Sexual-assault DNA evidence can be quickly processed with the new Sperm Hyliter Package that is available from The McCrone Group. It is a sperm identification and imaging system that allows labs to quickly, accurately, and precisely identify sperm evidence in sexual assault cases. The Sperm Hyliter employs a unique method to fluorescently label human sperm. The package includes an Olympus microscope and a computer-imaging system. According to a spokesman from The McCrone Group, the product directly addresses the DNA backlog issue while meeting laboratory audit standards for evidence preservation. To learn more, go to their website:

PolyConversions VR Gloves evidence forensic

PolyConversions' VR Gloves

Lightweight and reusable: Those are two of the words used by the manufacturer—PolyConversions, Inc.—to describe their odorless, vinyl-free, latex-free disposable VR Gloves. The gloves have an elastic elbow-length cuff that provides puncture and cold-crack resistant protection. VR Gloves have been clinically tested to offer resistance to chemicals such as nitric, sulfuric, hydro-chloric, and hydrofluoric acids. For more information, visit this website:

Sagem Morpho RapID 1100 biometric evidence forensic

Sagem Morpho's Morpho RapID 1100 handheld biometric device

Mobile biometric ID devices have moved another step ahead with the Morpho RapID 1100 handheld biometric device from Sagem Morpho Inc. The third generation of the firm’s biometric identification devices integrates a digital camera to support facial recognition, a larger screen, a keyboard, and enhanced wireless communication capabilities. It is also smaller, lighter, and more ergonomic. According to a company spokesman, the RapID 1100 streamlines border control and law-enforcement activity that calls for on-site identification of suspects. To get more information, you can go to:

Handheld US Algiz 10 Computer evidence forensic

Handheld US' Algiz 10 Computer

A rugged tablet computer was recently introduced by Handheld US to provide customers with another option in durable mobile computers. The new product—the Algiz 10 Computer—is a tablet PC with a 10.4-in. screen that was designed especially for harsh environmental conditions and physical stress. The unit has shock-absorbing bumpers and a sturdy magnesium housing. It has a 1.2 GHz Intel Core Duo Yonah ULV Processor; an 80 GB shock-mounted hard drive; and up to 2 GB of RAM. The operating system is Windows XP Tablet PC SP2 Edition. The nine-cell battery runs up to seven hours. Learn more at:

Footwear and tiretrack searches related to non-violent crimes are no longer offered as a service by the FBI. To help fill the need for this service to the law-enforcement community, Ron Smith & Associates, Inc. (RS&A) recently announced that it will extend its analysis services to all levels of criminal-misconduct investigations. RS&A’s database-search service meets immediate investigative needs by providing this information in a timely manner. One of RS&A’s footwear examiners, certified by the International Association for Identification, will conduct the database search along with any additional research that might be requested. The results of the initial database search will be e-mailed as soon as the examinations have been completed, usually between 24 to 48 hours. If you are interested in these services, please go to:

SABRE 4000 portable explosives detection system Smiths Detection Ion Mobility Spectrometry evidence forensic

Smiths Detection's SABRE 4000 portable explosives detection system

An explosive detection system that can detect explosives in 10 seconds, provide a full analysis in 20 seconds, and complete the entire process in under 60 seconds is being used by Amtrak to screen its passengers, trains, and stations. The SABRE 4000 portable explosives detection system from Smiths Detection uses proven Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) to quickly detect explosives, narcotics, chemical warefare agents, and toxic industrial chemicals. The SABRE 4000 system’s dual-sample collection capability allows it to be used to collect and quickly review both swabs and vapor samples. More information is available on the company’s website:

Duracell Daylite flashlight LED evidence forensic

Duracell's Daylite LED light source

How to get more light: The heavy-duty Duracell Daylite was developed with the patented TrueBeam technology that uses both a lens and a reflector to capture and project up to 100 percent of the light from the LED light source. This delivers a brighter, whiter light beam that totally eliminates the dark spot that can plague most typical flashlights. To learn more about the Duracell Daylite, visit their website:

Tri-Tech Inc shoe boot photo stand evidence forensic

Tri-Tech Inc's shoe/boot photo stand

The Shoe/Boot Photo Stand from Tri-Tech Inc. was developed to hold footwear in an upright position so crime-laboratory personnel would be able to photograph and examine footwear that was collected from a suspect. It can also be used to compare footwear to castings or dust prints that were lifted from crime scenes. The stand is made of wood and has two sliding panels that lock footwear in place. Photo information can then be attached to the panels with clamps. The built-in ruler provides an extra degree of convenience. For more information, go to the company’s website:

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