Tool Kit: Video & Image Analysis

A listing of products that will help you view, analyze, and manage your videos and photos.

The Commander integrated Digital Evidence Management Solution from MediaSolv allows multiple sources of evidence to be digitized, stored, searched, retrieved, and viewed within a single digital library. MediaSolv integrates evidence from multiple sources including: digital audio (911 calls, wiretaps, and surveillance audio), in-car video, digital video interrogation, digital images (photos, scanned film/prints), documents, and cold case files. All assets in the system are managed and tracked as evidence so they can be used when needed for court.


Bosch Intelligent Video Analysis  creates metadata for forensic searching of recorded video. Fast forensic searching can scan for events in a huge recording database within seconds. It can locate events such as objects crossing a pre-defined line or following a specific route. Condition changes can also be monitored to detect abnormal behaviors, including changes in object speed (running), shape (crouching), or aspect ratio (falling). It also analyzes live surveillance video for suspicious activities or hazardous situations and alerts operators.


FaceVACS-DBScan instantly compares facial images from various sources to multi-million-image databases and presents the most similar identities. Law enforcement professionals can identify individuals in crime scene photos and surveillance videos by matching facial images against a mug-shot repository. The application also finds matches for composite images. The Examiner toolset can enhance images for better comparison to the gallery. Operators can develop watch lists of candidates while recording a full audit trail.


Animetrics’ new ForensicaGPS is a unique facial creation and image-quality enhancement tool designed to make photos and video frames of a person’s face “ID ready” for visual identification, for inclusion within the Animetrics FaceR Identity Management Systems, or in a third-party face recognition system. The application translates low-resolution 2D facial images from a photo or video into a 3D image, enabling law enforcement and security professionals to analyze and compare up to five images for faster, more precise identification of suspects.


Extracting evidence from video is a time-consuming process. Video from security systems is hard to play and is invariably of poor quality, suffering from low resolution, poor lighting, noise, and shake. Ikena, MotionDSP’s forensic video enhancement software for Windows, has been designed from the ground up to accelerate video forensics using state-of-the-art, automated image processing that quickly extracts forensically valid results from any video source. Based on innovative algorithms, Ikena automates multi-step, manual processes into one click.


The Foray Technologies ADAMS Chromatic Fast Fourier Transform Filter plug-in for Adobe Photoshop allows the examiner to process and analyze digital images by removing background patterns, making them easier to analyze and compare. Search for patterns using all three color channels (or selectively on one or two channels) to identify unwanted patterns and drag them into the Trash; the effect is visible in the preview window. Images can be fine-tuned by cutting frequency spikes in the Frequency Palette to remove additional patterns.


Amped Software's new Amped Five image processing software was specifically designed for investigative, forensic, and security applications. Amped Five processes and analyzes both still and video images, utilizing a clear workflow and automatic reporting to present evidence fit for the courtroom. Since Five is self-contained, it can help to reduce the time required to process data and improves the success rate of the treated cases, from the restoration of low quality CCTV video to fingerprint analysis. Five requires no specialized hardware or third-party software.


IntelliSearch by IntelliVision is a fast, powerful video search solution. Video search, particularly forensic search, following an incident is time critical. IntelliSearch offers an automated alternative to manual review of archived video by searching through video for motion or activity, for object by size, color, speed, and direction of motion. It enables forensic search on video archives recorded on DVRs, NVRs, or VMS. It can also provide real-time search on live video feeds from an analog, digital, or IP/network camera.


Ocean Systems expanded Omnivore by adding audio capture to its existing video-capture capabilities. Now, users will be able to capture audio from surveillance systems, online videos (such as YouTube and Facebook), video from interview rooms, and other recording devices as uncompressed, 16-bit stereo data. The captured audio is graphically represented as a waveform just below the video and time code region in its own interface, seamlessly integrating audio with video. The video slider and audio cursor move in sync as well.
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