Another Question of Perception

Here is the very brief scenario: A vehicle swerved around a large piece of agricultural equipment that was being towed down a roadway at night, clipped the machine, and collided with another oncoming vehicle. The accident resulted in the deaths of three people.

Joey Stidham, owner of Stidham Reconstruction and Investigation, LLC in Wooten, Kentucky, was asked to create an animated reconstruction that would help determine the driver’s point of perception prior to the collision.

Unable to obtain the actual piece of farm equipment for the reconstruction, Stidham and his team constructed their own model of the agricultural machine involved in the accident. Testing then began to determine the driver’s point of perception. A forensic map of the scene was completed, and a custom 3D model of the machine was created by reconstruction-software manufacturer Visual Statement.

The software, EdgeFX, was capable of producing dynamic lighting to aid in recreating the nighttime scene.


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Product News

Six interchangeable LED lamps

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