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3rdTech SceneVision-3D with Poser Pro from Smith Micro Software

The 3D scene-capture software from 3rdTech, SceneVision-3D, has a new capability: users can import and position models from Poser Pro, a 3D figure design and animation program from Smith Micro Software. This feature allows users to create more accurate reconstructions of crime scenes for display and analysis by placing photorealistic representations of victims, suspects, witnesses, and officers at different times within the scene. Using the ViewPoint function, users can illustrate exactly what was visible to an officer or witness.

Zarbeco MiScope Megapixel WUVIR digital microscope

A portable digital microscope from Zarbeco is small enough to be held in the palm of your hand, plus it offers the power of UV/IR imaging. The MiScope Megapixel WUVIR digital microscope has white, UV, and IR LEDs; magnifies from 12x-140x; and can image down to 2.3 microns with a 1.3 megapixel camera included in the unit. The Video ToolBox PRO imaging software that is included in the package allows the user to save still and moving images, plus you can draw on, label, and measure with advanced measurement tools—all on the live image.

DNA purification technology from ZyGEM allows the blocking of all DNA contamination from samples destined for use in sensitive DNA-based forensic applications, including tests where contamination from even a single molecule will cause an assay to fail. ZyGEM recently acquired the rights to market the technology—called Nucleic Acid Sequestering (NAS)—that was developed at New Zealand’s University of Waikato. “By removing DNA contaminants from samples before amplification using a simple and efficient process, our NAS technology has the potential for wide application in sample preparation and cleanup, which is critical for achieving accurate results in many forensic applications,” said Paul Kinnon, CEO of ZyGEM.

Polhemus FastSCAN non-contact digitizer

A tool for scanning 3D objects is being used by a team carrying out facial reconstruction at the University of Dundee in the UK. The FastSCAN non-contact digitizer from Polhemus scans 3D objects—a face or skull, for example—by casting laser light over an object, while the camera on the wand views the laser to record a cross-sectional profile of that object. The embedded FASTRAK device is used to determine the position and orientation of the wand, enabling the computer to reconstruct the full 3D surface of the object. The University of Dundee team has used the system to reconstruct the faces Vikings and Bach.

PerkinElmer Raman IdentiCheck spectrometer

The new Raman spectrometer from PerkinElmer is fully portable and designed to deliver unambiguous, high-quality data for on-site forensics and homeland-security analyses. The Raman IdentiCheck combines the high spectral performance of a laboratory-based instrument with the convenience of a portable, handheld trigger probe system. The Raman IdentiCheck offers laboratory-quality spectra (3500-230 cm-1 range, 4 cm-1 resolution, and high sensitivity) with a lightweight trigger probe and the convenience of sampling through a range of plastic and glass packaging.

Sarstedt 1.5ml micro tube with attached cap

A new 1.5ml micro tube design with an attached cap is now available from Sarstedt. The tube features a wide, stable hinge that allows the cap to remain in an upright position upon reopening, which is helpful when working in tight racks. The large hinge also makes it easier to guide the cap into the tube with one hand. The cap is wider than usual at the hinge connection resulting in a larger cap surface and subsequently allows for more writing space. Tubes can be centrifuged to 20,000 x g. Free samples are available upon request.

SATO America RFID-ready GL4e Series thermal printer

This barcode-label printer from SATO America offers two new abilities. The RFID-ready GL4e Series thermal printer features an internal label rewinder, plus a new dispenser option that includes internal liner rewind. Labels and tags can be rewound onto the internal rewind spindle as a removable full role. This is ideal for large run, batch-printing applications and accommodates labels up to 5 inches wide. The dispenser option features an internal rewind mechanism that presents printed labels without the liner.

Remote Forensics POD

Analyzing any digital media on the spot at airports, seaports, or train stations is possible using one straightforward process: Remote Forensics. At the heart of the system is the Remote Forensics POD. One of these units is installed at each location where examination is likely to be required. When an incident occurs, a local technical support person inserts the suspect media —even iPods or dictation machines—into the POD and then calls the forensic computing expert. That analyst can then access the POD via a secure virtual private network from anywhere in the world and forensically image or analyze the digital content.

Digital audio and video evidence captured in a police department’s interview room can be protected and its chain of custody maintained using the CaseCracker Interview Management System from Cardinal Peak. In a completely different solution, the Digital Information Management System (DIMS) from Linear Systems automates the process of acquisition, redundant storage, authentication, access control, log tracking, and output of digital photographic, audio, and video evidence to ensure a complete chain of custody. Now, both solutions are linked together, allowing a single user interface and centralized, secure, redundant storage for all kinds of media evidence in a single, simple-to-use product.

Pelican Products Advanced Area Lighting Group

This area lighting system is the first product to be rolled out by Pelican Products’ new Advanced Area Lighting Group. The 9430 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) is a compact, 22-pound, portable system that features a swiveling telescope mast that extends to nearly three feet; a 360-degree articulated light array; and a wide-area handle for easy gloved grip and transport. The 9430’s 24 LEDs and dual power mode radiates 2,000 lumens in the high setting and 1,000 lumens in the low setting. The 15-hour battery is rechargeable and offers up to 8 hours at peak brightness and takes 7 hours to reach a full charge.

Leica Geosystems FlexLine total stations

A new series of total stations from Leica Geosystems—the Leica FlexLine—features fully customizable units. The hardware and associated software can be customized to meet the user’s unique requirements. Users can choose from three pre-configured models, or they can build their own by selecting from a list of performance and communication capabilities. Some of the advanced features include Bluetooth and reflectorless functionality.

Xotopro Photographic Equipment macro twin flash system

Get more control of lighting when working with macro photography. Xotopro Photographic Equipment has worked closely with TUMAX, a flash manufacturer, to create a complete macro twin flash system that includes a camera/flash mount with articulating arms. The articulating design of the arms allows the user to move the flash units around the subject to achieve different lighting effects. Unlike normal macro flash controllers, the TUMAX macro flash controller is a full TTL flash unit with macro control circuitry built in. The setup shown above is the QMM1 + TUMAX Macro Twin Flash Package.

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