Featured Products & Services: January 2013

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January 2013

All in One: Crime Scene Processing Apps

Apps that run on mobile devices—particularly tablets with a touch-screen interface—are a tempting addition to a crime scene investigator's tool kit. But is the technology ready to be deployed in the field?

ALS & Other Lighting Equipment


EVIDENT® has reduced the price on the popular ORION-LITE® 455 nm LED Light to only $139.00.

Crime Scene Equipment

Rapid Test Strips

On-site tests for lead and copper residues
Evidence Analysis & Processing

Belkasoft Evidence Center

Extract more digital evidence from suspects' hard drives than ever. Browser histories, chats, IM, and social communications.

SecureDry™ Drying Cabinet

Safely dry wet evidence while protecting the evidence from cross contamination and workers from harmful fumes and odors.

New Advances in Forensic DNA

Recent changes and innovations in forensic DNA analysis—including local DNA databases, Rapid DNA, and arrestee DNA collection—are helping to put more bad guys in jail... and clear innocent suspects faster.

Evidence Management Systems & Services


An easy to use online evidence solution that allows investigators, prosecutors, and evidence technicians to work together.

Laboratory Equipment

Microlab 300 Pipettor

Hamilton Microlab® 300 Redefines Handheld Pipetting

Zymit® Low-foam

Clean your equipment and tools of blood, tissue, feces, and more with Zymit® Low-foam!


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