P&E Training Seminar in California

The Central Valley, Central Coast and Inland Chapters of the California Association for Property & Evidence (CAPE) are proud to announce the 2013 Annual CAPE Training Seminar at the Westin Hotel March 25-29 in Rancho Mirage, California.


The training is designed to benefit not only brand new property officers, but also seasoned property officers, their supervisors, and crime scene technicians. Vendors will be on hand with information about the newest products and technologies available.

The tentative course list includes:

  • Trends in Property & Evidence (Joe Latta, IAPE President, retired Burbank PD Lt.)
  • Introduction to Property & Evidence (Larry Brown, Los Gatos PD)
  • Setting up a Property Room (Shannon Turner, EvidenceOnQ)
  • Supervising a Property Room (Jay Kreitz, Glendale PD)
  • Surviving an Audit (Shannon Turner, EvidenceOnQ)
  • Preservation of DNA Evidence (California DOJ)
  • Fingerprint Preservation (Trainer, International Association for Identification)
  • Firearms Laws (California DOJ)
  • Courtroom Testimony (Steve Slyker, Deputy DA at Ventura County District Attorney's Office)
  • Networking (John Mershon, Arroyo Grande PD and Rachelle LaPann, Pismo Beach PD)
  • Stress Management (Richard Behr, First Contact 911)
  • CalPERS Retirement, CalPERS representative
  • E-Trace / E-File (Steven Fortney, ATF Agent in Los Angeles)

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Image Clarification Workflow

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