P&E Training Conference in Illinois

Property and evidence managers located in the Midwest may want to take a look at the 7th Annual Training Conference held by the Illinois Association of Property and Evidence Managers, April 17-19, 2013 in Lisle, Illinois.


The emphasis of the conference will be on information sharing, updates on the latest laws dealing with evidence, safety in dealing with hazardous materials, fingerprint development, DNA evidence issues, and other topics of interest.

The agenda highlights include:

  • Chemical Suicide Response Investigation
  • Arson and Arson Evidence Storage Issues
  • Legal Updates and Round Table Discussion with Various States Attorneys
  • Chemical Fingerprint Development and Use of "Touch DNA" evidence
  • Evidence Standards for Lab Submission
  • Digital Evidence Enhancement and Storage
  • Major Homicide Case Study

For detailed information on this conference, click here.

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Image Clarification Workflow

A FEW WEEKS AGO, I received a call from Ocean Systems asking if I would like to beta test their newest software—ClearID v2.0 Image Clarification Workflow. The new progam has filters that were designed for use with Adobe’s Photoshop graphics-editing program.