Social Media & Law Enforcement

Criminals aren't going to get a rest if Crowd Sourced Investigations, LLC (CSI, LLC) has anything to say about it. Owners of the crime solving Connected To The Case website are expanding the first-of-its-kind capability nationally to any law enforcement agency for free.

Photo: PRNewsFoto/Crowd Sourced Investigations, LLC

Connected To The Case uses a variety of social media platforms to create the awareness, scope and reach needed to generate tips for law enforcement including Facebook, Twitter, Storify, YouTube, foursquare, Ustream, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Each platform offers a unique way to connect users to cases, and each platform operates as a spoke to the main hub, which is the active case. This approach is so unique that it's been featured on Fox News,, and Mashable.

"This is Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon meets America's Most Wanted meets Facebook," said Morgan Wright, CEO and chief crime fighter of CSI, LLC. "I'm proud to have many of the former producers and correspondents from AMW working on our team. This will be the first true intersection of mass media and social media."

"With the cancelation of America's Most Wanted, law enforcement needs cutting-edge technology to help us reach out to those with information about crimes," said Todd A. Miller, Director of the Mankato, Minnesota Department of Public Safety and internationally recognized expert on community policing. "Connected To The Case does this through popular social media channels. Now more than ever we need the public's help to make our communities safer. Crime isn't just a police problem…it's a community problem."

CSI, LLC is currently in discussions with online production company Human Not Hollywood to establish a joint venture and produce a next-generation television show that tightly integrates social media with second-screen and cross-platform mobile applications (iPhone, iPad and Android) with the viewer.

"With over 40 years of combined experience in technology, television and marketing, we believe Connected To The Case is a true revolution in crime fighting, crowdsourcing, online content and brand evolution," said Tony Bash, CEO of Human Not Hollywood. "A popular genre in media is crime. This is an untapped synthesis of content, social interactivity and crime with the benefit of protecting each other."

Connected To The Case has been designed by law enforcement professionals and former producers of TV's America's Most Wanted. While mass media can only profile a handful of the country's biggest cases, Connected To The Case can cover them all – not just the select few that make it on TV, printed media or other outlets. If you have a tip, call 855 TIPS C2C (855-847-7222), use the web-based tip form or Direct Message on Twitter: @c2case. You can remain anonymous.

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