Ten Years and Counting

This issue marks ten years (and 61 issues) since we commenced publication of Evidence Technology Magazine. It seems like eons ago when Volume 1, Number 1 shipped and the phone calls and emails started trickling in from readers curious to learn more about this publication that had landed unexpectedly on their desks. Your response was better than we expected, and it has been with great pride that we have watched this magazine—the cornerstone of our small family business—grow and flourish.

So much has changed in these ten years—not just in crime scene investigation and forensic science, but also in the publishing industry. When we mailed the inaugural issue, the digital revolution and Web 2.0 had yet to take hold of the way we communicate. Back then, putting a print magazine in your mailbox every other month was our main goal. Today, our production team is constantly in motion, creating five different eNewsletters full of timely news and information, plus our Featured Products & Services email that lets you know about the newest products available... as well as keeping you up to date via our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

Through all of the changes, the economic ups and downs, and technological adjustments, we have worked to bring you a quality product, free of charge. If you have enjoyed the magazine as much as we have enjoyed making it for you, here are a few ways you can help us move forward into the next decade of publication:

  1. Renew Your Free Subscription. Our online subscription system makes it easy to review and confirm that your information is current or make any necessary changes. Just go to EvidenceMagazine.com, log in, and then click Subscribe > My Subscription. After you have reviewed and updated your subscription information, hit the “Update” button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Go Digital Only. Recently I have spoken with a number of people who told me they really enjoy reading our Digital Edition on their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. If you are one of those people, you can update your subscription preferences to only receive the Digital Edition (see steps in Item 1 above). And if you haven’t been to our Digital Edition, please give it a try: It contains all of the articles you see in the print magazine, with the addition of interactive features, video, and bonus content. You can view this issue now at: EvidenceMagazine.com/v11n3.htm
  3. Talk to Our Advertisers. Let them know that you saw their ad or product mentioned in our magazine.
  4. Stay in Touch. One thing I have valued most as editor of this magazine is the opportunity to communicate with people in the field who have ideas, tips, and techniques to share.

You have made this publication what it is today. I couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you for your support and readership since 2003. Happy Birthday, ETM.

Kristi Mayo, editor
Evidence Technology Magazine

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Forensic Podiatry (Part Two of Two)

THE DISCIPLINE of forensic podiatry—or, in other words, the examination of pedal evidence—has progressed significantly over the past ten years. It is no longer a question of “What can you do with a footprint?” but rather, “Who can we use to evaluate the footprint?” Cases involving pedal evidence, especially bloody footprints and issues of determining shoe sizing or fit issues compared to questioned footwear, have become more common over the past two or three years.