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Amerimade Technology stainless-steel fume hoods

These highly configurable polypropylene and stainless-steel fume hoods from Amerimade Technology are engineered and manufactured to meet the customer’s specific needs and requirements. Options include microprocessor-controlled chemical process and rinse baths, hot plates, stirring systems, sinks, bottle-storage cabinets, and integrated filtration. All models include full secondary liquid containment, deck exhaust, and adjustable sashes. They are available in 4-, 6-, and 8-ft. widths.

Pioneer Forensics TrexCase

Electrostatic dust lifts (ESDLs) can be reliably preserved using the new TrexCase from Pioneer Forensics. Once charged, an ESDL will continue to attract contaminants to the surface, obscuring the impression. This product was specially designed to prevent this kind of damage and deterioration of valuable footwear or tiretrack evidence. TrexCase uses a specially coated, rigid cardstock that prevents twisting and fold-over of the film containing the fragile impression evidence. According to Pioneer Forensics, the ESDL will be preserved for life once it is encapsulated in the TrexCase—making transport and storage worry-free.

Capturing video in the field from sources such as cell phones or CCTV video is a quick way to find images of suspects or witnesses without taking time to go back to the station. The new release of VFSource v2 from Salient Stills makes this process faster and easier. The upgraded VFSource features advanced screen-capture and import utilities, audio capability, an intuitive user interface, and more powerful video and image processing. VFSource digitizes analog video and enables the screen capture of digital recordings from both proprietary and open DVR systems for use by other investigators and agents, while also preserving video integrity and chain of evidence. In minutes you can have usable stills and video ready to go.


Trimble Nomad 800X Series

Three new rugged handheld computers in the Trimble Nomad 800X Series offer Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) functionality and integrated quad-band GSM cellular data transmission, digital photography, and barcode scanning—all in one compact and durable device. The Nomad 800X Series models use a built-in wireless data modem and AT&T’s nationwide EDGE network to allow users to communicate from the field to a central office or other location. The Trimble Nomad 800XC offers a 2.0-megapixel camera, and the Trimble Nomad 800XE offers the camera and barcode scanner.

Fujifilm Instax 200 instant-film camera

An instant-film camera was introduced into the United States market by Fujifilm late in 2008. The professional-grade Instax 200 instant-film camera and Instax Instant Color Film has reportedly done well in the Asian and European markets. As the availability of instant film declined, Fujifilm received an influx of requests from photographers in healthcare, law enforcement, and other industries to make the complete Instax instant photo system available to U.S. customers. The photo system includes an LCD control panel for displaying focal distance and film count, a programmed electronic shutter, automatic flash, wide picture format, ISO 800, and sharp, vivid, super fine-grain prints.

Krauter Solutions temperature- and humidity-controlled storage solutions

Temperature and humidity control is important in the storage of certain materials, as well as in lab research-and-development applications. Krauter Solutions offers just that kind of control: its temperature- and humidity-controlled structures are based on a patent-pending system that takes state-of-the-art technologies from the electrical, mechanical, and refrigeration industries and combines them into a dependable storage solution. A simple, push-button interface manages every aspect of your storage system.

Bodelin ProScope HR

This compact microscope does more than give you a close-up view of evidence. The ProScope HR connects to the USB port of almost any laptop or desktop computer and allows the user to view almost any surface at magnifications up to 1000x. The ProScope HR is UVC (plug-and-play) and will run on Macs or PCs. Included software allows you to capture stills, video and time lapse. Images can also be shared in real time with programs like Skype or Apple iChat.

Durabook D15RP

You can feel free to abuse this notebook in a variety of different ways, because it is drop resistant, spill resistant, and shock resistant. The Durabook D15RP passed the simulated drop/shock/spill test in accordance with Military Standard 810F. It also features one smart-card socket for identity protection. Other specs include Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology; Windows Vista Business Edition; a 15.4-in. screen with a resolution of 1280x800 (or an optional 1440x900); anti-glare coating acrylic protection; hot-swappable battery; 1.3-megapixel webcam; and a 3G antenna.

The records-management and data sharing systems offered by Spillman Technologies have a new user benefit. Spillman is now utilizing new technology called Spillman Tracer. Powered by BMC’s AppSight Black Box Technology, the system helps technicians quickly identify the cause of user, software, operating system, and network connectivity problems. Just like an airplane’s black box collects data in case of an accident, Spillman Tracer captures a real-time log of system transactions. If an issue occurs unexpectedly, system administrators and Spillman support technicians can easily pinpoint the cause of the problem. The result: You experience less downtime trying to determine the cause of an error.

Rainin E-Man Hybrid

This new-generation pipette from Rainin—the E-Man Hybrid—offers high performance, durability, and ergonomics. The E-Man Hybrid incorporates the operational simplicity of a manual pipette with innovative real-time sensing technology. This pipette allows for real-time monitoring of the position of the piston and the amount of liquid dispensed. With this continuous volume-tracking in place, the pipette offers great value for titration and partial dispensing, as well as for measuring aspirated fluids.

TacView pole camera

This telescopic pole camera, the TacView, features an IR/color camera head with more than 400 lines of resolution that is mounted on a telescopic pole that is expandable from 42 to 63 in. A 45-in. extension pole will allow the camera to “see” into a 2nd-story window or onto more one-story rooftops. Images are displayed on a 6.5-in. color/infrared TFT monitor. The new, streamlined TacView PV model is designed to fit into the trunk of a patrol vehicle.

A. Rifkin Co. courier bag

You can safely transport large volumes of sensitive and valuable materials in this courier bag from A. Rifkin Co. The bag is manufactured using a proprietary Fire-Shield fabric that is laboratory tested to withstand high radiant-heat temperatures typical of a vehicle fire. Additionally, the bag features a patented Keyless Security “lock”. The Keyless Security closure uses individually numbered, one-time-use seals to “lock” the bag. Any unauthorized access or tampering will quickly be noticed due to the lack of a security seal or the presence of a differently numbered seal. It has a capacity of 15 x 19 x 6 inches.

Safety Storage chemical and hazmat storage building

This chemical and hazmat storage building from Safety Storage allows for the separation and storage of non-compatible materials such as acids and corrosives, or the segregation of chemicals according to their unique temperature requirements. Pre-engineered components are designed into a single structure to reduce the building’s footprint and reduce costs. The custom, multiple-compartment configurations allow separate access, individual heating or cooling systems, restricted-entry access, or other custom options.

Bust A Cap glass breakers

Turn your existing flashlight into a glass-breaking machine. Bust A Cap is a rapid-entry tool that is being utilized by law enforcement, fire departments, government agencies, private security, and civilians to gain a tactical and safe entry or exit from an automobile, house, boat, or plane. The aircraft-grade aluminum Bust A Cap has a steel tip and can be screwed onto the end of a full-size Streamlight or Maglite flashlight in less than a minute. The device is designed to be used one-handed, and requires a minimum amount of force—reducing the risk of flying glass and injury.

Image and video content control and search tools from LTU technologies are now packaged into one platform, using a single application programming interface. Designed for government agencies, the LTU Engine powers the technology to quickly and efficiently control, organize, search, or identify images and video within large databases. The platform also features new local-matching and color-search capabilities. Local matching enables the user to detect small common parts between two images, or logos, within an image or video clip. Color search enables the user to sort and identify images according to various shades of color or to compute color palettes for collections of objects. It also processes video faster than ever before.

Wanco portable surveillance trailer

You can set up surveillance to secure any major scene using the portable surveillance trailer from Wanco Inc. This product allows users to view and control up to 16 cameras from a remote location using a PC and an Internet connection. Pan-tilt-zoom cameras and an integrated digital video recorder make site monitoring easy. Users can control the cameras, access live and recorded video, and configure the equipment remotely or via the integrated control center. Up to four cameras sit atop an electrically hoisted mast, which extends to 26 ft. in height.

HBGary FastDump Pro

For the first time, investigators can preserve and analyze physical-memory snapshots of 32- and 64-bit Windows operating systems, including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, plus all of the associated service packs for those systems. The program that makes this possible— FastDump Pro from HBGary—is important because malware typically coded in 32-bit is starting to migrate to infect workstations on 64-bit Windows platforms that have more than 4GB of memory. FastDump Pro allows investigators to find the artifacts needed to conduct critical forensic work in a secure, offline environment.

Scheduline online scheduling system

This web-based scheduling solution from Scheduline is completely customizable to meet the needs of each client. Each scheduling website, configured specifically for your agency or department, provides the tools you need to save time otherwise wasted on assigning and organizing staff. Using a secure and reliable website, bulletins can be posted, personnel can request time off, internal e-mails can be sent, overtime hours tracked, plus there are a number of other customized options available. All levels of personnel are provided with a login, which enables them to check their schedules from any computer with an Internet connection. There is no software to buy or maintain; all you need is your web browser.

Randolph Engineering "Crew Chief" sunglasses

The eyewear produced by Randolph Engineering has been used by aviators for decades, and now that company is directing its eyewear offerings to other speciality lines of work including police, military, and security. Its “Serious Equipment” line of eyewear includes the “Crew Chief” (above), sunglasses that combine classic aviator styling with a modern twist. Manufactured from high-tech Monel 400 eyewire, these sunglasses have maximum strength in a lightweight product.

General Dynamics Itronix GD6000

This vehicle-rugged notebook from General Dynamics Itronix, the GD6000, is now available for field technicians, law-enforcement personnel, and others whose offices are in trucks, patrol cars, or other vehicles. GD6000 notebooks combine high-performance computing with secure, wireless-network connectivity, all at a price that balances durability and affordability. The GD6000 vehicle-rugged notebook features 13.3-in. DynaVue touch-screen display technology for increased outdoor viewability and a spill-resistant keyboard, plus integrated GPS.

Mobile video is a concern for many law-enforcement agencies. Mobile video surveillance is useful for allowing agencies to track their vehicles, collect video evidence, and provide support to ongoing pursuits or incidents. In the past, however, these video surveillance applications allowed officials to view video after the fact—which sometimes is too late. Now, Apollo Video Technology has announced the integration of real-time video surveillance into its iSM (Interactive Speed and Mapping) interface within the Roadrunner Mobile Video System. The integration allows officials to collect comprehensive visual evidence in real-time, while viewing an interactive map to locate a specific route, intersection, or speed threshold.

RIDGID microEXPLORER Digital Inspection System

This tool does a lot more than allow you to peek into hidden or unseen places. The microEXPLORER Digital Inspection System from RIDGID also allows users to capture digital-quality images and record video in color to help analyze problems faster and easier. The high-resolution camera head sits at the tip of a flexible 3-ft. cable. The camera features 3x zoom as well as pan functions to allow you to focus on an area of interest. The digital inspection system records video and digital images onto an SD card.

Benchmade 30200 Houdini-Pro Rescue Hook Tool from U.S. Cavalry

Get out of any situation with the Benchmade 30200 Houdini-Pro Rescue Hook Tool. This device combines three tools into one compact package: a high-carbon stainless steel blade; a glass breaker; and an LED light. The folding hook-style blade can cut through rope, seat belts, and flex cuffs—and it can safely cut through clothing or boots without cutting the person who is wearing them. Includes pouch, belt clip, and batteries.

Thermo Fischer Scientific EasyTox 2.5 GC/MS productivity solution

Designed to reduce costs, increase sample throughput, and improve productivity in forensic and clinical laboratories performing analysis of urine for signs of drugs of abuse: Those are the key points to consider with the new EasyTox 2.5 GC/MS productivity solution from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. The solution combines the Thermo Scientific DSQ II single quadrupole GC/MS system with the new ToxLab Forms 2.5 software package and TRACE GC columns and consumables. The EasyTox 2.5 solution provides complete methods and documentation for analysis of common drugs of abuse in urine.

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Six interchangeable LED lamps

highlight the features of the OPTIMAX Multi-Lite Forensic Inspection Kit from Spectronics Corporation. This portable kit is designed for crime-scene investigation, gathering evidence, and work in the forensic laboratory. The LEDs provide six single-wavelength light sources, each useful for specific applications, from bodily fluids to fingerprints. The wavelengths are: UV-A (365 nm), blue (450 nm), green (525 nm), amber (590 nm), red (630 nm), and white light (400-700 nm). The cordless flashlight weighs only 15 oz. To learn more, go to: