Cyber Intrusion Reporting Platform Launched

In an effort to enhance the FBI’s ability to mitigate and prevent serious cyber threats, the FBI has launched a secure portal allowing industry partners to quickly and safely report actual and attempted cyber intrusion incidents.

Called iGuardian, the information portal is similar to eGuardian, a sensitive but unclassified platform for our law enforcement partners to provide potential terrorism-related threats and suspicious terrorism-related activity reports.

While eGuardian is available for law enforcement users through Law Enforcement Online, iGuardian was developed specifically for trusted industry partners within critical infrastructure sectors (telecommunications, defense, banking and finance, and energy) and is available over the InfraGard network. InfraGard is our public-private coalition of more than 55,000 vetted industry partners and already uses a secure portal to share information and receive alerts from federal agencies and each other. iGuardian will provide an additional method through which the FBI can receive information.

Industry is being asked to submit specific information on computer intrusions of any kind, including malware infections, website defacements, and denial of service attacks. Access to the iGuardian system currently requires an InfraGard membership. A telephone help desk has been set up to assist companies with the iGuardian application and submission process, and a frequently asked questions page has been posted for members on the InfraGard website.

iGuardian will greatly speed up the process of submitting intrusion information to the FBI—it just takes a few minutes to fill out and submit the iGuardian form. Within minutes of submitting the form, agents and analysts will be able to quickly triage the submissions, notify previously unknown intrusion victims, and assign leads as appropriate to field offices for further investigation. The information in iGuardian will also give us a big-picture look at the threat from terrorists, nation-states, and criminal groups conducting complex cyber network operations against the U.S.

Later this year, partners will be able to submit actual malware to the FBI for quick analysis. Future iGuardian enhancements will include the ability of our industry partners to submit incidents and tips on threats and hazards affecting their companies, like intellectual property rights issues, theft of trade secrets, and potential terrorism-related matters.

Source: FBI

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