We thought you might like that picture.

REMEMBER THE COVER on our January-February 2009 issue? When we were still in the planning stage for that issue, I showed the cover photo to our advertising manager. She wrinkled up her nose and said plainly, “It looks like a piece of meat!”

“Well, it is meat...sort of,” I replied. “It is finger meat...”

Our publisher thought it was a nice photo for the cover, but he asked me, “Do you think people will be turned off by this?”

“Normal people might be,” I said. “But fingerprint people will love it.”

In the weeks following the publication of that issue—which featured a close-up, detailed image of friction ridges*—I heard a few comments about the cover photo from those so-called normal people. One of the more common comments was: “It looks like fish.”

They just don’t understand.

Finally, I received an e-mail from a past contributor to the magazine stating: “Great photo on the cover of this month’s issue! Awesome, absolutely awesome!” See, fingerprint people did love it—or, at least, that one did.

So now I am bracing myself for responses from “normal people” as they glance at the cover of this issue. It may require a special kind of person to be able to appreciate a close-up photo of flies and maggots on the carcass of a pig. But I know that many of our readers are just that: special people.

When you are finished admiring the front cover, you will probably want to skip straight to Page 14 to read this issue’s interview with forensic entomologist Dr. Neal Haskell.

On your way to the interview, though, be sure to stop by Page 12 and find out how you can obtain a copy—if you have not done so already—of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report that was released in February: Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward. It contains critical viewpoints that anyone involved in forensic science needs to read and understand—as many people believe this congressionally mandated report is going to shape the future of forensic science in the United States.

Perspective is everything—whether you are talking about cover photos or the highly-anticipated, much-discussed NAS report. As always, I am very interested in hearing your thoughts and perspectives from your part of the world. Be sure to write and let me know what you think.

Kristi Mayo, editor
Evidence Technology Magazine

*The photo was captured by the BioGuard Surround system from TBS, Inc.

"We thought you might like that picture," written by Kristi Mayo
March-April 2009 (Volume 7, Number 2)
Evidence Technology Magazine
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