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A new scientific imaging webinar library

Media Cybernetics, a company that deals in scientific imaging software, recently launched a free online imaging webinar library. The library offers a diverse collection of pre-recorded, educational webinars about scientific-imaging topics. The one-hour webinars are available at no charge. Visitors can choose to use streaming video or they can download the videos to their local computers. To learn more about this webinar library, go to:

Sagem Morpho joins CITeR, the U.S. cooperative for biometric research

Sagem Morpho Inc. has become the first biometric technology company to become an affiliate member of the Center for Identification Technology Research (CITeR). As a CITeR affiliate, Sagem Morpho joins the FBI, DHS, DoD, and other high-profile federal agencies and the top U.S. prime integrators in researching the implementation of biometric-identification technologies. Sagem Morpho is a de-veloper of biometric technologies, including fingerprint, palmprint, facial- and iris-recognition systems. To learn more about Sagem Morpho and CITeR, you can go to these websites: and

New Certification for Evidence Photography

Evidence Photographers International Council (EPIC) held its very first certification testing at the EPIC School in January of this year. As a result of the testing, 16 of 17 photographers earned the inaugural Evidence Photographer Certification (EPC). The new certification program was initiated after nearly a year of research with a team of experts in the field, including the FBI, the Secret Service, educators, and crime-scene specialists. The EPC program also obtained backing from the Photographic Certification Commis-sion. To learn more, go to:

Personnel from more than 100 law-enforcement agencies
gathered in Washington, DC for training in video clarification

Ocean Systems, a provider of forensic video analysis and clarification solutions, conducted some advanced training in February for personnel from more than 100 agencies. The training focused on Ocean Systems’ dTective with ClearID multimedia evidence clarification solution. Personnel were trained on equipment that was awarded through the Department of Homeland Security’s Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDAP). Ocean Systems was selected as the winner of a competition that was based on overall forensic capabilities, support, and ease-of-use. For more information, go to the Ocean Systems website:

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Lifting Latent Fingerprints from Difficult Surfaces

ALMOST ANYONE can find, process, and lift a latent print that happens to be in a logical and obvious place like a door handle, a beer can, or a butcher knife. But sometimes, a latent print is not just sitting there in a logical and obvious place. Sometimes, you have to use your imagination to find the print and your skills to lift it.