Digital Forensics Certification Board Names New Fellow

The Digital Forensics Certification Board (DFCB), an independent certifications organization for digital evidence examiners, honored one of its members December 16, 2013 with the DFCB Fellow certification. Fred Cotton was elected to receive the certification.

The primary goal of the DFCB Fellow certification is to enhance the professionalism and body of knowledge associated with the Digital Forensic Certification Board by providing a means for accomplished and distinguished individuals to participate in the DFCB. The DFCB Fellow certification is designated for individuals who have made significant and quantifiable contributions in the advancement of knowledge and expertise in the fields of digital forensics and/or electronic discovery.

Individuals in good standing must meet rigorous standards, have their qualifications reviewed, and be approved by a two thirds majority vote of the DFCB board. To date, the DFCP-F has only been awarded to a select few individuals.

"The DFCB Fellow certification is our way to recognize those individuals who are still among the best of the best that the computer forensic world has to offer," said Warren Kruse, President of the DFCB. "These individuals are training and leading the digital forensic practitioners of today and tomorrow and we are pleased to bestow the Fellowship of the DFCB to Fred due to his exceptional service to the digital forensics community over the last 20 years."

Fred Cotton is one of the pioneers of the computer forensic field. Fred started practicing computer forensics while working for law enforcement in California. From that practice, he built an internationally recognized computer investigative training program that was the model for many state and federal programs to follow. He now works in the forensic field for a Fortune 100 company.

About the DFCB

The Digital Forensics Certification Board is a member-driven, non-profit, vendor-independent organization of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators, sponsored in part through a grant from the National Institute of Justice. DFCB was founded to provide, among other things, an objective certification in digital forensics in order to promote trust and confidence in the digital forensics profession. The Board offers professional certification for digital evidence examiners. The certifications are only available to digital evidence professionals with significant experience related to digital forensics.

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