Video: BACS Evidence Management System

Five months after the installation of its BACS Evidence Management System, the North Andover Police Department welcomed LEID Products in to share the BACS system's benefits through a video.


The NAPD's BACS Evidence Management System consists of the BACS ID Station Kiosk complete with touch screen user navigation, a biometric ID reader for access verification and a barcode reader for property identification. The ID Station is interfaced to LEID's Electronic Evidence Lockers providing the secure temporary storage of evidence incoming and outgoing from NAPD's property rooms. The system includes BACS customizable evidence management software with complete chain of custody tracking and reporting capabilities to monitor all evidence transfers. Remote management capabilities to access, monitor and manage the system while off site are also included with the system. Detective Dan Cronin Reviews the benefits of using the BACS Evidence Management System:

• The chain of custody at the initial intake of evidence/property is significantly improved.
• The ability to place evidence/property in the system for an officer to pick up for court or return to the owner, instead of requiring an in person "hand-off", has been a significant time saver for both the evidence control officer and the officer needing to pick up evidence for court.
• The system requires the officer dropping evidence off to select what needs to be done with the evidence -- fingerprint analysis, DNA testing, safe-keeping, etc. -- again, saving time for the evidence officer and insuring accurate processing of evidence/property.

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