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Here are 12 new products to help make your job of evidence collection, processing, and preservation easier.


Protecting the forensic integrity
of a suspect computer is very important—and the Shadow 2 from Voom Technologies provides that kind of protection. When connected to a computer, this unit provides read/write access from the host computer’s perspective, but ensures that the suspect computer never receives a write. The Shadow only writes to its own internal drive, so when it is removed, the computer you were examining remains in its unaltered state.


An organized evidence room
is more than a convenience. It is a necessity. The evidence-room storage solutions from EQUIPTO are carefully designed to provide police departments with concealed and secure areas to store and protect evidence items. The shelving and drawers can also be mounted on a mobile aisle system that can be rotated closed and locked down for added protection and security. The EQUIPTO Police Department Storage Solutions are engineered and manufactured in Tatamy, Pennsylvania. For more information, go to:


Geographically defining
criminal activities can allow a law-enforcement agency to detect patterns, trends, and ultimately make intelligent policing decisions based on solid, actionable data. GeoComm recently announced the official release of a solution that does just that: GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst. According to GeoLynx, this tool should be a good match for a small, medium, or large jurisdiction looking for a straight-forward application. The GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst provides the information required to make strategic and tactical decisions that can help safeguard the public. The user-friendly tool can rapidly deliver geographic analysis of crime data for intelligence-led policing. For more information on this product, visit the GeoComm website:


Tracking critical evidence
is taken to the next level with Ancom’s expanded line of secure law-enforcement storage solutions, the LEID Products Biometric Access Control Systems (BACS). The all-electronic system combines fingerprint identity (biometrics) with radio-frequency ID (RFID) tags, effectively eliminating the need for paper logs. The system is comprised of three major parts: an ID Station, one or more SmartRail Gun Racks, and/or one or more Electronic Modular Access Units. The system provides full accountability, secure lock-up, and controlled maintenance for departmental assets. Ancom states that the system saves time and money—and will pay for itself within one year or less.


Acquiring scientific images
and then processing them is made easier with Media Cybernetics’ recent release of Version 7.0 of its Image-Pro Plus image-processing and analysis software package. The company states that this major version upgrade provides faster image handling, multi-dimensional acquisition improvements, new surface-analysis tools, and the option to acquire live focused and tiled images. Users of the Image-Pro Plus v.7.0 now have the option to add the Live Tiling and EDF module that allows acquisition and tiling of large images and in-focus composite images live—without an automated microscope state or focus drive. Also, the new Just-in-Time Loading feature loads multi-frame image sets on demand.


A new portable light source
the OPTIM PLS, provides the user with a completely portable, handheld light source that is said by the manufacturer to be brigher than any similar products currently on the market. The PLS eliminates the need for separate light sources, fiberoptic cables, and lamps. With its 3-oz. design, it can be carried in your pocket. The PLS is compatible with flexible and rigid borescopes, and when AC power is not available in remote areas, the PLS can provide cord-free lighting. A light-intensity control switch offers the user freedom to increase or decrease the lighting based on inspection needs.


Non-destructive testing
of evidence is critically important in many cases—and optimizing the use of space is also key in most forensic laboratories. The digital XPERT 20 from Kubtec meets both of those needs while providing high-quality x-ray imaging. The self-contained, shielded-cabinet x-ray system takes up less real estate than a PC monitor. Its small focal-spot x-ray source provides increased visibility and sharpness of detail for imaging features in samples. With an x-ray source of up to 25kV and 1.0mA, the XPERT 20 provides images with the highest resolution to locate the smallest detail.


This new storage locker
from Spacesaver Corp. allows users to easily and quickly configure the unit to match their immediate storage needs. The installed unit can be continuously adapted to keep pace with changing needs at any point in the future. The FreeStyle personal storage locker system combines a host of options and interchangeable features with durability to ensure a long and useful service life. The electrical- and air-extraction-ready lockers include an adjustable shelf, and the interior door panel features an integrated pegboard for hanging an assortment of items.


Laser printing meets RFID
(radio-frequency identification) with the new RFID Ultra High Frequency (UHF) solution from Lexmark. This solution gives customers an easy-to-use, affordable alternative to tracking and accessing assets and information with real-time visibility. The new Lexmark RFID UHF Option is designed as an add-on accessory, in place of a drawer, for Lexmark’s T654 monochrome laser printer. The RFID UHF Option allows for faster printing of RFID label media (up to 20 pages per minute in RFID mode); RFID tags can be placed horizontally or vertically on the print media; and a broad range of media is supported. Customers who already own a Lexmark T654 can simply upgrade to the RFID-enabled device. The T654 also prints everyday documents.


Microscopic equipment
is a key part of any forensic laboratory workflow. The Dazor speckFINDER HD digital computer microscope gives forensic scientists the ability to see precise details of evidence in high-definition magnification. Instead of moving the microscope, this microscope features an ergonomic design with a floating arm that moves to the user, putting less strain on the body and eyes. The microscope, camera, and computer monitor work together as one piece of equipment. Images can also be saved in multiple digital formats.


Laboratory accreditations
and audits are more easily streamlined using Qualtrax Compliance Software from Bode Technology. Qualtrax combines a robust document-control engine with automated workflows, standards-based auditing, and employee-testing capabilities into an all-in-one compliance solution for ISO and other quality standards, accreditation requirements, and managing both internal and external audits. The enhanced document control provides air-tight documentation control for forensic processes and procedures that must be up-to-date to ensure compliance with quality standards. Qualtrax improves workflows, standardizes auditing, and simplifies management.


This hard drive duplicator,
the SATDOCK22R from Startech, functions as both an external hard-drive docking station for 2.5 in. (up to 500 GB) or 3.5 in. (up to 2 TB) hard disks, as well as a convenient hard-drive imaging solution. This unit provides quick yet complete hard-drive cloning functionality. It can operate as a standalone HDD duplicator with no connection to a host computer, delivering an exact one-to-one clone of the target hard drive—including partition and boot-sector information and user data. Or utilize it as a SATA docking station.


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