Can Departments Benefit from Mobile ID Fingerprint Devices?

The NIJ-funded Forensic Science Technology Center of Excellence has released the following report: Landscape Study of Mobile ID Fingerprint Devices.

This report provides a “landscape” view of the issues and products associated with mobile devices for fingerprint identification, with a focus on forensic applications. The document is intended to furnish laboratory managers and investigators with a survey of current commercially available products. In addition, the report provides decision makers and potential end users with examples that

  • illustrate successful adoption;
  • issues to consider related to implementation of mobile ID devices;
  • and a snapshot of current mobile ID technologies.

Upon review, the reader may better understand whether mobile ID devices can benefit his or her organization and how to proceed with selecting a platform and implementing use.

This report is a product of an NIJ-funded project but is not published by the Department of Justice.

Read the full report here.

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