Upcoming IAPE Courses

IAPE offers in-depth training in “best-practices” for evidence and property room management.

This two-day course provides a unique training opportunity for those responsible for, or actively involved in, the operation, supervision or management of a Property and Evidence Unit.

• Network with other professionals from across the nation.
• Instructors are recognized experts in the field, with professional and academic credentials.
• Course fee includes tuition, student workbook, and study materials.
• Each student will receive a certificate of attendance, in addition to the class notebook that includes a CD with example polices and property manuals.

Upcoming classes:

  • Plainfield, IN - 8-9 April 2014
  • Fort Worth, TX - 23-24 April 2014
  • Nashville, TN - 30 April - 1 May 2014
  • Allison Park, PA - 14-15 May 2014
  • Miami, FL - 21-22 May 2014
  • Springfield, IL - 18-19 Jun 2014
  • Charlotte, NC - 25-26 Jun 2014
  • Overland Park, KS - 15-16 Jul 2014
  • Madison, WI - 29-30 Jul 2014
  • South San Francisco, CA - 5-6 Aug 2014
  • Meridian, ID - 19-20 Aug 2014

Source: IAPE

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Digital-Image Management at Mass Gravesites

SKELETONIZED REMAINS that were carefully unearthed from the desert sands of Iraq tell their own story: the bones of an adult, still dressed in a woman’s apparel, lie supine. The skull is perforated by a bullet hole. Tucked in the space between the ribs and the left humerus is a much smaller skeleton, bones in the skull un-fused, and the fully clothed body partially swaddled in a blanket.