Evidence Rooms in the News

Here's a quick summary of some evidence rooms making headlines across the United States.

New building design aims to arrest problems in county offices

Ottawa, Kan. - March 10, 2014 - The plans for a new facility to house the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Franklin County Attorney's Office, and Juvenile Services aim to correct a number of "problematic issues" with the current sheriff's office … including "four different areas where we were storing evidence and property," said Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Richards in a Ottawa Herald article.

Source: ottawaherald.com

Guns missing from Berkeley evidence sparks criminal probe

Charleston, W.Va. - March 8, 2014 - A deputy went looking for a weapon in his agency's evidence room … but it wasn't there. The resulting search turned up a number of weapons that were supposed to be in the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office evidence room in a gun store, instead. An investigation is underway to determine how this could have happened.

Source: statejournal.com

'Total disaster': Former chief describes evidence room; DNA evidence questioned

Centreville, Illinois - March 5, 2014 - An attorney representing the suspect of a 1989 homicide is asking to have DNA evidence withheld due to questionable evidence management at the Centreville Police Department. Illinois State Police investigators had gone searching for missing evidence and located some items in a "trash bag sealed with duct tape marked '2004'," but other known items have not been located. Prosecutors assert that the chain of custody of a sexual assault kit, which contained the DNA evidence key to the case, was secure.

Source: www.bnd.com

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