Tool Kit: Evidence Packaging

Finding the evidence is just the beginning. These evidence-packaging products are designed with security and chain-of-custody in mind... as well as protecting the evidence from the elements—and the handlers from the evidence.

Faraday bags from Select Fabricators, Inc. prevent cell phones, smartphones, PDAs, laptops, and GPS units from getting or sending signals on active networks. Select-A-Shield RF Shielding Pouches’ electrically conductive material will maintain RF shielding performance for hundreds of captures. Field tests have shown 99.99% average signal attenuation.
The Complete Evidence Packaging Kit contains an assortment of popular sizes, styles, and types of materials for almost any packaging situation. This kit contains evidence seals, evidence tape, Zipr-Top bags, kraft bags, evidence labels, rulers, barrier tape, and evidence tubes and cans. Also includes packaging for narcotics, biologicals, firearms, long items, liquids, and more.
Doxtech, LLC produces a tamper-resistant shipping package for the transport of clinical specimens via air freight that is forensically secure and leak-resistant. The DOX Dual-Pouch Specimen Transport Bag contains two pockets—one for the specimen and one for chain-of-custody documents. The DOX Specimen Collection Kit virtually eliminates leaking containers.
The Heavy Duty Barrier Pouches from Prendo Forensics package and store chemicals, controlled substances, paraphernalia, and volatile materials. The heat-sealable nylon pouches are constructed of films with ideal barrier properties. This barrier eliminates cross-contamination while protecting individuals from exposure to dangerous gasses “leaking” through.
The Bode SecurSwab 2 collection system integrates collection and sample protection with evidence transportation and packaging. The collection device is made up of a swab, reversible cap, plastic body, and integrated desiccants to dry the swab—creating a self-enclosed device that is used to house and protect the collected sample. This saves time and prevents DNA loss during transport.
The Alert Antistatic Evidence Security Package offers forensic technicians a solution for electronic evidence collection from devices like magnetic hard drives. The packaging is tamper-evident with chain-of-custody tracking, while providing antistatic shielding protection. Four-layer lamination with “metal-in” construction provides Faraday Effect shielding of electrostatic discharge.
Secure the integrity of collected evidence with the tamper-evident packaging system from NELMAR. The SECUR-PAK (with a fold-over closure system) and FRAUDSTOPPER (with a flat or in-line security closure) evidence bags immediately display visible effects of tampering upon any attempt to enter the bag using cold- and/or heat-tampering techniques.
The Puritan Cap-Shure absorbent cotton-tipped applicator is produced with high-quality USP-grade cotton that is carded and coiled onsite to maintain consistency. A cap protector is placed over the cotton tip, providing convenient and reliable specimen, DNA, or evidence collection. The reclosable, ventilated cap allows for air-drying and transportation of samples to the lab.

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