Cloud Computing Webcast Archived Online

 If you missed last month's Cloud Computing Forensic Science Workshop hosted by NIST, you can watch the sessions online now.

The program, The Intersection of Cloud and Mobility, explores "the new frontiers in IT and measurement science."

From the website:

As part of its continuing cloud computing series, the National Institute of Standards and Technology is hosting a new forum on Cloud and Mobility. Join experts in the fields of cloud, mobility, and measurement for thought-provoking plenary talks, panel presentations, facilitated breakout discussion, poster sessions, and networking around these themes:

  • Federal Perspectives on Cloud and Mobility
  • The Vision for Cloud and Mobility
  • Current State of Cloud and Mobility Intersections
  • Intersections of Cloud and Mobility on the Horizon
  • Bringing Mobility and Cloud Together
  • Challenges and Lessons Learned
  • Path Forward to a Federated Mobile Cloud
  • Lessons Learned in Mobility
  • Challenges for Cloud and Mobility, including
  • Use Cases, Technologies, Consumer Issues
  • Domain- and Sector-Specific Perspectives

Breakout sessions will feature discussion of issues and actions:

Future Directions for Cloud and Mobility

  • Federated Community Cloud Roadmap PAP
  • Accessibility Cloud Roadmap PAP
  • The Future Cloud and its Implications for Mobility
  • The Future of Mobility and its Implications for the Cloud

Challenges at the Intersection of Cloud and Mobility

  • Reliability Design Goals
  • Privacy and Security Issues
  • Cloud-Enhancing Mobility Applications
  • Ubiquitous Computing

Path Forward: Working Together on Major Challenges

  • Federated Mobile Cloud
  • Privacy and Security
  • Usability
  • Ubiquitous Computing

Click here to access the archived webcast on the NIST website at your convenience.

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