Evaluations of New Policing Technologies

NIJ has posted reports from the NIJ-funded Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE) on mobile ID and panoramic crime scene imaging technologies.


This report provides an overview of mobile devices for fingerprint identification, with a focus on forensic applications. The document is intended to furnish laboratory managers and investigators with a survey of current commercially available products. In addition, the report provides decision makers and potential end users with examples that illustrate successful adoption; issues to consider related to implementation of mobile ID devices; and a snapshot of current mobile ID technologies.

This evaluation seeks to objectively compare three different panoramic imaging technologies. The report outlines operational use and technical requirements (including ease of setup, system calibration and operation, technological capabilities in varying scenarios, processing, and final output); hardware and software needs; pricing; and training requirements. Steps an agency may consider taking when adopting and implementing new technology into their casework processing are discussed.

The FTCoE has also produced an executive summary report titled, Technical Advances in the Visual Documentation of Crime Scenes: An Overview, which includes prior research, the history of panoramic imaging technologies in criminal investigations, and recommendations for selecting a technology.
Source: NIJ
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Lifting Latent Fingerprints from Difficult Surfaces

ALMOST ANYONE can find, process, and lift a latent print that happens to be in a logical and obvious place like a door handle, a beer can, or a butcher knife. But sometimes, a latent print is not just sitting there in a logical and obvious place. Sometimes, you have to use your imagination to find the print and your skills to lift it.