Item of Interest

Find valuable revenue in your property-and-evidence room

In a time when city budgets often come up short, many are scrambling to find alternative ways to conduct business, reduce costs, and still provide the services to which the community has become accustomed. One way that many law enforcement agencies across the country are doing this is by teaming up with, an online auction site that sells previously stolen merchandise that could not be returned to the rightful owner.

“Just about every law enforcement agency has a quantity of merchandise that has been recovered, yet they can’t find the rightful owners,” explains PJ Bellomo, chief executive officer for “They can allow those items to continue to pile up, or use their own employees to try to sell it through time-consuming on-site auctions. We provide a third and usually more desirable route, which is to allow us to handle and sell those items for them.”

The collaboration has been so appealing that more than 1,800 law-enforcement agencies have teamed up with them, to date. takes in the merchandise, tests and catalogues it, and places it up for auction. Revenue is shared with the agency, helping to channel money back into the city, without them needing to use their own resources to move the merchandise.

Each week, the site features a variety of new auctions that range from fine jewelry to automobiles, and everything in between. In addition to the many jewelry auctions, other popular categories include tools, paintings, fashion clothing, collectibles, coins, and computers.

"Item of Interest"
November-December 2009 (Volume 7, Number 6)
Evidence Technology Magazine
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