New Study on Using License Plate Readers

License Plate Reader Systems (LPRs) are now being used by the majority of law enforcement agencies. When the photos of plates are compared against official lists of open infractions, LPRs act as ‘force multipliers'—they automate tasks that once took police officers hours to do manually.

The RAND Corporation has published new research on current use and potential applications for LPRs, their benefits and limits, and emerging practices. Based on the data, the authors make recommendations on how to improve LPR practice and procedures, including cooperation between agencies and data retention, storage and privacy concerns.

Download the full report.

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Recovering Latent Fingerprints from Cadavers

IN A HOMICIDE CASE, the recovery of latent impressions from a body is just one more step that should be taken in the process of completing a thorough search. This article is directed at crime-scene technicians and the supervisors who support and direct evidence-recovery operations both in the field and in the controlled settings of the medical examiner’s office or the morgue under the coroner’s direction.