SANE/SAFE/SART Best Practices Workshop Online

The Forensic Technology Center of Excellence’s SANE/SAFE/SART Best Practices workshop is now available online. The workshop brought together sexual assault researchers, practitioners and stakeholders to develop a landscape analysis of the best practices in sexual assault response and training curricula. The workshop covered evidence collection, analysis and management as well as victim-centric care.

This workshop is part of a comprehensive federal effort to organize and transfer the knowledge and best practices of sexual assault nurse examiners, sexual assault forensic examiners, and collaborative sexual assault response teams (SANE/SAFE/SART). This effort focuses on systemic challenges that impede the investigation of criminal sexual assaults in the United States, with goals that include ensuring that existing research, and best practices are available to SANE/SAFE/SART and other practitioners who contribute to the nation’s response to sexual assault.

Watch the video now.

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