Webinar: Evaluating Transfers of Materials

NIJ's Forensic Science Technology Center or Excellence (through RTI International) will host a free webinar October 28, 2014, "Evaluating Transfers of Materials and their Significance."


How strong is an association when evidence is being examined, and what exactly is being associated? When does an absence of evidence permit an exclusion, and when it is simply no information? Were corresponding fibers, particles, or stains deposited directly, or by indirect transfer? How can you test this? This one-hour webinar will cover basic principles of trace evidence that serve as decision-making tools for forensic scientists to use in examining, sampling, testing and evaluating associative evidence. The principles are presented via examples of evidence from actual cases: observations data, test results and interpretations.

The free live webinar will be presented by forensic scientist Chesterene Cwiklik.

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Item of Interest

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