Forensic Science Award Winners Announced

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) announced in October the winners of its 2014 August Vollmer Excellence in Forensic Science Award.

From the IACP blog:

Each year the IACP Forensic Science Committee recognizes the significant impact forensic science has on the criminal justice system and seeks to acknowledge pioneering efforts in this field. The August Vollmer Excellence in Forensic Science Award was created to honor proactive, innovative uses of forensic technologies by law enforcement.

This year three awards will be presented for ground-breaking use of existing or new forensic technologies and investigative uses of forensic science. The winners of this year’s awards are: 1.) the Los Angeles Police Department, Scientific Investigation Division, Serology/DNA Unit for Current or Past Contribution by a Police Agency in Forensic Science, 2.) the U.S. Army, Defense Forensic Science Center for Significant Investigative Value in a Major Crime, and 3.) Mr. Robert A. Walsh, President and CEO, Forensic Technology, Inc. for Innovation in Forensic Technology by an Individual. The winners are commended for their dedication and commitment to advancing the investigative and evidentiary uses of forensic services. Awards will be presented to the winners at IACP’s Annual Conference in Orlando, FL.

Forensic Technology, Inc. also shared this information about Walsh, winner of the Innovation in Forensic Technology by an Individual division:

Mr. Walsh is being honoured on behalf of the law enforcement profession and the communities protected and served, for the outstanding achievement of having developed the world's leading forensic ballistic identification system capable of linking a firearm to multiple crimes. "What began for me over 20 years ago as an engineering challenge turned into a life's pursuit," Walsh says. "IBIS changed the direction of my entire business and it has led me around the world."

To this day, the IBIS technology developed by Walsh has changed the way in which police around the world investigate and solve firearm-related crimes. Independently-conducted studies have proven that IBIS significantly increases the number of investigative leads, helping police solve crimes across jurisdictions which would otherwise remain unsolved. In the United States alone, IBIS has resulted in new investigative leads in over 100,000 shooting cases.

Walsh has taken IBIS from an idea to a mainstream crime-solving solution. Revolutionizing the science of ballistics identification, IBIS could be called the most significant invention in its field since the comparison microscope of the 1920s. Today, IBIS networks are the backbone of firearm violence reduction efforts in nearly seventy countries.
Walsh also generously supports forensic education and has provided law enforcement agencies access to crime-solving tools they could not otherwise afford or obtain.

"I have met some of the very best people in law enforcement and forensic science today," Walsh says. "It is extremely gratifying to know that IBIS is helping them identify and stop the most dangerous of criminals and prevent them from doing more harm."

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