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Even in the wake of disaster, legal rights must be taken into consideration. Emergency-management professionals need to understand both what the law requires and how to analyze issues for which there is no legal answer. This book provides a starting point for dealing with these kinds of situations.


This introduction to the specialty of forensic nursing covers the essentials of the field, from death investigation to evidence collection, from autopsies to legal issues. The book utilizes an outline format throughout to clearly communicate the most important points of each topic.



This color atlas of forensic pathology is packed full of detailed, high-resolution images that demonstrate postmortem changes of the human body and the different types of patterns produced in various manners of death. A fully searchable DVD is also available.


Quality control and quality assurance are critical in any laboratory. This substantial book (more than 1,400 pages) provides templates for the various policies, procedures, and forms that should be contained in the quality assurance, operational, and technical manuals of a laboratory seeking accreditation. It begins with an introduction to quality assurance, then moves onto cover implementation and policy-manual development.


"New Books"
January-February 2010 (Volume 8, Number 1)
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Digital-Image Management at Mass Gravesites

SKELETONIZED REMAINS that were carefully unearthed from the desert sands of Iraq tell their own story: the bones of an adult, still dressed in a woman’s apparel, lie supine. The skull is perforated by a bullet hole. Tucked in the space between the ribs and the left humerus is a much smaller skeleton, bones in the skull un-fused, and the fully clothed body partially swaddled in a blanket.