NIJ Report Emphasizes Technology in the Field

A report released by NIJ on April 18, 2015, “The Impact of Forensic Science Research and Development”, takes a look at how “forensic science research and development conducted decades ago is having an impact in crime laboratories today.” While the title focuses on labs, the report includes a closer look at the impact of forensic technology in the field.


“Law enforcement investigators, as well as scientists and technicians in crime labs, must rely on new technologies and scientific innovations to more efficiently identify, gather and process evidence related to criminal activity,” states the report. “The NIJ portfolio covers a wide range of forensic science disciplines, both for investigators in the field and for scientists in the lab.”

Examples include an ongoing NIJ-supported project where researchers are developing “a simple yet sophisticated device that may soon allow law enforcement personnel to quickly identify illegal drugs using a handheld fluorometer and a smartphone.”

You can download and read the full report here.

Source: NIJ

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