Pitting Scientific Research Against Slavery

NIJ’s John T. Picarelli has published an article in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Human Trafficking. In “Science Versus Slavery: The National Institute of Justice and the Future Directions of Knowledge to Put to the Service of the Anti-Trafficking Movement,” Picarelli argues that, while progress has been made in identifying how trafficking operates and locating promising practices to counter it, more is needed to improve the scholarly rigor and practical impacts of these studies.

The article discusses of one of the largest collections of human-trafficking research in the United States — the National Institute of Justice’s research portfolio addressing trafficking in persons — reviewing recent findings and addressing how best to improve future studies of trafficking in persons.

Read the abstract in the Journal of Human Trafficking.
Mr. Picarelli is a Supervisory Social Science Analyst in NIJ’s Office of Research and Evaluation.
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