Call for Workshops: Impression, Pattern & Trace Evidence Symposium

NIJ and its Forensic Technology Center of Excellence invite proposals for workshops to be held at the 2015 Impression, Pattern and Trace Evidence Symposium in San Antonio, Texas. Accepted workshops will take place on August 25, 2015, which is the first day of the three-day event.

The submission deadline is June 26, 2015.

Workshops can be full-day or half-day and may focus on impression and pattern evidence, trace evidence or questioned documents, or they may be interdisciplinary in nature. Workshop organizers are encouraged to propose alternative ways to allow attendees to participate in the discussion of open issues, key methods and important research topics related to the workshop theme. Panels, group brainstorming sessions, mini-tutorials around key ideas and proof-of-concept demonstration sessions are examples of potential formats. For those workshops that are accepted by the event’s steering committee, NIJ cover all expenses for up to two speakers per workshop.
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