2015 IAFN Conference Coming Soon

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The International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice, hosted by the International Association of Forensic Nurses, wil be held October 28-31, 2015 in Orlando, Fla. The purpose of the conference is to put state-of-the-art science into action and create best practices for fornesic nursing around teh world and across the lifespan.

Topics covered include:

  • Development and Comparison of Screening Tools to Identify Victims of Human Trafficking
  • Intentional Poisoning in Domestic Violence
  • Evidence-Based Use of Alternate Light Sources in Forensic Medical Practice
  • Strangulation: What Emergency Care Providers and First Responders Need to Know
  • Rapid DNA Service
  • Stalking: Flirting to Fatality
  • Case Study: When a Sexual Predator Targets Women Working in the Sex Trade
  • Nursing Response to Elder Abuse: An Overview
  • Forensic Nursing Practice Implications of Touch DNA and Y-STR DNA Analysis Methods
  • Forensic Photography for the Sexual Assault Nurse
  • Prison Rape and the Forensic Nurse

Nine tracks are being offered throughout the week:

  • Adminstrative / Leadership
  • Death Investigation
  • General Forensic & Legal
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry & Corrections
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)
  • SAFE-ta

To learn more or to register, click here.

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New Books

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

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