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In each issue, we save a few articles exclusively for viewing in our Digital Edition. In the July-August issue, you'll find articles on mid-range photography and crime scene staging.

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Mid-Range Photography
Written by Shelley Burton & Mark Vecellio

Crime scene photography can be categorized into three main types: overall, mid-range, and close-up. The focus of this article is mid-range photographs, explaining their importance, the proper sequence of photographic scene documentation, and tips for ensuring mid-range photos are of sufficient quality.

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Book Excerpt:
from Crime Scene Staging Dynamics in Homicide Cases

Written by Laura Pettler, PhD

Many types of crimes can be staged, such as financial crimes, larcenies, and the like; however, this book focuses on staging behaviors as they relate to homicide or murder cases that are staged as accidents, suicides, botched robberies or home invasions, or in other ways that specifically point the investigation away from the true perpetrator.

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Recovering Latent Fingerprints from Cadavers

IN A HOMICIDE CASE, the recovery of latent impressions from a body is just one more step that should be taken in the process of completing a thorough search. This article is directed at crime-scene technicians and the supervisors who support and direct evidence-recovery operations both in the field and in the controlled settings of the medical examiner’s office or the morgue under the coroner’s direction.