Rapid DNA Hit in the UK

August 24, 2015 — Last week, a Rapid DNA profile uploaded to the UK National DNA Database (NDNAD) identified a dangerous sex offender while he was still in custody.

A suspect was arrested for a minor crime and swabbed for a DNA reference sample while in custody. His DNA profile was generated in less than two hours using the RapidHIT System from IntegenX at UK forensic laboratory, Key Forensic Services. Upon upload to NDNAD, the suspect’s profile immediately matched with a DNA profile recovered from a serious sexual assault case. The suspect, while still in custody, was charged with the previously unsolved sexual assault case. Facing this compelling forensic evidence, the suspect pleaded guilty to serious sexual assault. As a result of the Rapid DNA service, the offender was prevented from being released on bail, to possibly reoffend.

Unlike conventional processing of DNA profiles using non-rapid technology, the RapidHIT System generates a DNA profile within about two hours, using validated, CODIS and NDNAD-compliant technology and chemistry.

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Image Clarification Workflow

A FEW WEEKS AGO, I received a call from Ocean Systems asking if I would like to beta test their newest software—ClearID v2.0 Image Clarification Workflow. The new progam has filters that were designed for use with Adobe’s Photoshop graphics-editing program.