Tool Kit: Mobile Device Accessories

Here area a few products to help support your crime-scene ready mobile device.


D3 gives digital forensic, eDiscovery, and IR investigators a case-management system with fully integrated Web Intake, Case Management, Evidence Tracking, and Analysis Reporting modules. D3’s mobile app for Android or iPhone scans exhibits’ barcodes generated natively by the Evidence Tracking module. Audit logs, chains-of-custody, data sources, photos, and custom checklists are seamlessly recorded and organized. Data captured can trigger collaborative workflows, stakeholder alerts, or analytical insights.
There is a new tool that forensic investigators can utilize to crack the criminal’s cell phone —and activities. The Data Analysis Reporting Tool (D.A.R.T. PRO) by the High Tech Crime Institute is that application. This tool is designed to extract, analyze, and report on criminal activity based on evidence obtained from mobile devices. D.A.R.T. PRO is also capable of mapping, analyzing, and reporting on Call Detail Record (CDR) evidence, obtained from mobile phone carrier companies.
The Westpoint MediaStation is a back-office solution for transferring video, images, and audio from digital devices and media. Plug in your device, touch the appropriate app, and leave MediaStation to quickly process your data effortlessly, following your defined procedure. It can operate as a standalone machine, so no traditional computers are required, thereby removing the additional costs and problems associated with running multiple applications to process data in the back office.
The Watson Mini is a small, light, and fast FBI Appendix F Certified multi-fingerprint scanner. Accompanied with software for the Android by AD&S, Inc., it can be utilized to capture and transmit fingerprints. The patented Light Emitting Sensor (LES) film technology eliminates challenges of enrolling and verifying fingerprints in demanding environments, with print-capture quality impervious to dry fingers and direct sunlight.
Designed for real life, Defender Series combines three tough layers to guard against the roughest drops, scrapes, bumps, dust, and grime. The Defender Series inner shell deflects drops, the outer slipcover absorbs impacts, and the built-in touchscreen protector shields your display from scratches and scrapes. The shield stand provides extra protection on the go and converts to a stand for watching movies. Built to deliver rugged protection, Defender Series defends your device from drops, dirt, and daily adventures.
SceneDoc is a smartphone and tablet-based software platform that provides law enforcement and a variety of public safety personnel an extremely secure, accurate, and consistent means of documenting crime, accident, and other incident scenes. Comprised of a highly configurable mobile application, together with cloud-based data backup and administration, SceneDoc is the proven solution-of-choice for governments and enterprises around the globe.
The VIEVU² is a feature-rich, small form-factor, wearable video camera. It is hands-free, rugged, and waterproof. Best of all, it streams and stores real-time video to your iPhone or Android smartphone (no need for a cable). Once videos are on your phone, you can edit and upload to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, or simply email, text, or store them in your DropBox folder. The VIEVU² eliminates the need to transfer videos later. No desktop computer required!
The Forensic Comparison Software Company provides tablet, laptop, and PC-based software for the latent fingerprint technician for image enhancement, analysis, comparison, and charting, all in the field. It also provides an optional AFIS tool for searching small fingerprint databases of up to 5,000, 10,000, and 50,000 individuals and beyond. The Forensic Comparison Software is, in effect, the multi-tool for the latent fingerprint technician, providing all of the digital image requirements of the fingerprint case worker.
The Vigilant Mobile Companion is a mobile app providing license plate recognition (LPR) and facial recognition to those in the field. Enhancing situational awareness and developing investigative leads is easy with features like the Mobile Hit Hunter, which maps nearby vehicles on the hotlist. The app also gives officers the ability to scan plates using their phone, creating a complete vehicle canvas. Upload images from social media, video footage, or artist sketches to biometrically identify individuals. Available for Android and iPhone.


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