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Evidence processing is an often tedious but necessary part of law enforcement. It can be time consuming and laborious, and in a sector where being understaffed seems to be normal, it becomes necessary to figure out ways to complete evidence processing tasks faster and more efficiently while maintaining the integrity of the evidence.

Processing buy and seize money by hand can be tedious and time-consuming, is prone to errors, and prevents law enforcement from moving on to other jobs.

Difficulty of Processing Cash by Hand

Processing buy and seized money is an example of a dull and labor-intensive task that all too often keeps law enforcement from getting back out on the streets. Many jurisdictions use manual processes where an officer, deputy or agent needs to photocopy each bill used as buy/seed money. Then, someone needs to manually write down each serial number of each bill for tracking purposes. It takes a long time and is prone to error. Moreover, it prevents personnel from doing other things.

Unfortunately, documenting the buy money is only part of the process. After a bust, the seized money needs to be processed. Typically being a much larger amount of money than the buy money, this has its own issues. The entire seizure needs to be counted and recorded, and the agency needs to find the buy money used in the sting as evidence against the suspect. In addition, many jurisdictions require law enforcement agencies to pull out the exact buy-money bills used in order for it to go back into the budget. If this applies, they have two choices: go through the procedure of manually examining each bill to see if it’s on the buy-money list or write off the money as an expense.

JetScan iFX can process buy and seize money in the fraction of the time it takes by hand.

Document Buy and Seize Money Significantly Faster

Fortunately, proven technology has made the job of cash processing significantly faster, easier, and less resource-intensive. The JetScan iFX® currency scanner and Doc Find application by Cummins Allison have changed the way law enforcement across the country counts and documents cash. Local, county and federal agencies use this solution to count buy and seize money at 1,200 bills per minute, capturing every serial number and an image of every single bill. Personnel save hours, reduce errors, and get back out onto the streets faster.

After recording the buy money, it can then be used on a sting. Once the bust is made, the seized money can be recorded in into a database and compared to the buy money. Common bills confirm that the buy money was received by the suspect, and this, as well as the serial numbers and images of the bills, can be used in prosecution and conviction of the suspect.

JetScan iFX reduces the time spent in the office and gets law enforcement back out on the streets.

Keep Buy Money in Your Budget

Many jurisdictions require that the exact buy money be pulled from the seized money in order for it to go back into the agency’s budget. This poses a real problem for these departments since pulling those specific bills can be extremely time consuming if done manually. Doc Find lets a user search for buy money through seized money at 1,200 bills per minute, reducing a job that could take hours or days to just minutes or a couple hours. The buy money then can be put back into the agency’s budget for continuing operations.

“Cash used as buy money typically comes from the law enforcement agency’s annual operations budget and is often written off as an expense. Even though it may have been seized during an arrest, most agencies cannot invest the time to hunt for those particular notes among thousands of others,” said Tim Esterbrook, director of national accounts for Cummins Allison.

The Doc Find application significantly reduces the time and work needed to pull exact buy-money bills from seized money.

A Complete Solution for Processing Money and Managing Records

Doc Find is the latest application by Cummins Allison that helps law enforcement agencies manage currency better. The company has previously implemented its Image Management Software (IMS) to help agencies record and archive serial numbers and full note images for use in prosecution. IMS then allows for list comparison to confirm that buy money is within seized money. Some jurisdictions, though, have their own networks that manage serial numbers. The JetScan iFX scanner has been connected and implemented in areas that belong to multi-state information sharing networks, so the solution can be fitted to work with almost any agency’s needs.

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