ETM's Online Extras: November-December 2015

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NIST Corner
Sailing Along: An Update on OSAC
Written by Sharon Nakich
After it was announced in February 2014, the first year for the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) was spent largely on organization of the group itself. But 2015 saw big steps forward toward the group’s mission.

Book Excerpt:
from Forensic Analysis of Tattoos and Tattoo Inks 
Written by Michelle D. Miranda, PhD
In this excerpt from her new book, Miranda discusses the forensic and investigative uses for tattoos and tattoo inks.
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Product News

Six interchangeable LED lamps

highlight the features of the OPTIMAX Multi-Lite Forensic Inspection Kit from Spectronics Corporation. This portable kit is designed for crime-scene investigation, gathering evidence, and work in the forensic laboratory. The LEDs provide six single-wavelength light sources, each useful for specific applications, from bodily fluids to fingerprints. The wavelengths are: UV-A (365 nm), blue (450 nm), green (525 nm), amber (590 nm), red (630 nm), and white light (400-700 nm). The cordless flashlight weighs only 15 oz. To learn more, go to: