Tool Kit: Electronic Evidence Retrieval
The Forensic Falcon allows you to image and verify from 4 source to 5 destination drives, can image to/from a network location, and delivers fast imaging at up to 23GB/min. Securely preview suspect drives directly on the Falcon, and a web-based user interface provides easy navigation and remote access. The Falcon supports SAS/SATA/IDE/USB3/FireWire interfaces, and an optional module provides imaging to/from SCSI hard drives. The Falcon is designed as a comprehensive imaging solution for the lab or on scene.

Internet Examiner Toolkit (IXTKTM) is the first multilingual integrated suite of tools aimed specifically at identifying, collecting, analyzing, aggregating, and reporting Internet-based evidence from computers, mobile devices, and live from the Cloud. It is the first and only forensic tool to offer FaceDNATM biometric facial recognition; built-in domain research tools (e.g., WhoIs, Reverse IP); and real-time Internet browsing, investigation and data-capture capabilities.

Nuix 6.2 is a major release of the Nuix Engine. Nuix has made improvements so you can get results faster, automate common tasks, and turn one-off projects into repeatable everyday activities. The Litigation Support Vendor Dashboard lets you take control of workloads on Nuix servers to process, OCR, image, and engage export operations—all with configuration profiles. New features in eDiscovery include free, Equiviostyle email threading, a search and tag tab to review automatic tagging, and powerful new analytics to help manage workflows.

SysTools is a leading global brand providing a variety of software applications specializing in the field of data and electronic evidence recovery. The SysTools MailXaminer email investigation tool supports more than 20 email file formats and more than 750 MIME types, assisting in evidence collection from more than 80 email clients. Includes features like Advance Keyword Search Functionality, Exchange Link Analysis, Skin Tone Analysis, Case Repository, Team Collaboration, and Image Geo Location Analysis.

This Handbook is available to senior members of law enforcement organizations who are responsible for the management of a digital-investigation or cybercrime unit. Senior management in such units are often promoted from other disciplines—and are not always equipped with the skills required to manage a team of highly trained specialist digital investigators. The Handbook provides an understanding of the range of digital evidence today, as well as resourcing requirements including equipment and training.

ADF Triage-Examiner is a digital forensic tool used by examiners and investigators to quickly find and extract digital evidence from computers and digital media. The tool integrates automated search and image analysis capabilities using intelligence based on a case profile or case-specific intelligence to identify evidence on a suspect device. It also collects extensive system information including Internet search and browsing history, USB device history, recently accessed documents and more.


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