Investigating Sexual Assault Against People with Disabilities

A six-part series from the organization End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) explores, from a law enforcement perspective, the investigation and prosecution of sexual assaults perpetrated against people with disabilities. The series of articles can be accessed for free at the EVAWI website.

The series is presented in six parts:

  • Part 1 — How to Develop an Investigative Strategy
  • Part 2 — Evaluate the Victim's General Capabilities
  • Part 3 — Evaluating Capacity to Consent to Sexual Acts
  • Part 4 — Preparing for the Detailed, Follow-Up Interview with the Victim
  • Part 5 — Conducting the Detailed Victim Interview
  • Part 6 — Techniques for Effective Communications

You can find the series here.

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Interview with an Expert

One of the more specialized areas of crime-scene investigation has to do with searching for evidence of arson. To get some background in this area, we spoke with an individual who has had more than 46 years in fire service, 24 of which have focused specifically on fire/arson investigation.