Editorial: Time for a Change

Thirteen years ago, Evidence Technology Magazine Publisher and Co-Founder Gary Gulick wrote in the inaugural issue’s editorial, “It’s about time somebody did this!” He was referring, of course, to the concept he and I had developed: a publication dedicated exclusively to evidence collection, processing, and preservation.

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When we held that first printed edition in our hands, we had no idea how many more issues would follow; how many people we would reach; and in how many countries the magazine would be read.

As it turned out, we attended 75 more press checks; mailed more than a million copies; and reached readers in at least 82 countries.

Thanks to the support of our readers, contributors, and advertisers, we have kept this publication moving forward, straight through the dire times of a recession and on into an ever-changing media landscape. However, each year the printing and mailing costs grew more expensive—and digital media became an increasingly dominant figure in the publishing industry. Our company has seen enough changes in the past 13 years that now, after careful consideration, we have decided it is, indeed, “about time we did this”:

In 2016, Evidence Technology Magazine is a digital-only publication.

This first issue of the year represents our first exclusively digital issue. We have filled it with more articles and information than we ever could have feasibly placed in the print edition. With this format, we also have the space and ability to include interactive features: clickable links for easy reference to outside sources, slide-shows, videos, and more. And we can deliver this digital publication to all of our readers, free of charge, anywhere in the world.

The format of the digital magazine will look quite familiar, as we are maintaining the “digital replica” format that we have utilized since 2008. In fact, you will notice that with just a tap or a click in the menu bar, you can access an archive of ETM digital magazines, going all the way back to the July/August 2008 issue.

During the course of this transition, you will see an increased emphasis on growing the Evidence Technology Magazine digital platform, and the creation of more content than ever before. And that’s the key point: Content will remain the primary focus of this publication—just as it has for the last 13 years.

Thank you for your support all these years. I look forward to serving you for many more.

Kristi Mayo, editor
Evidence Technology Magazine

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