Tool Kit: Shooting Incident Reconstruction

Six products to help with shooting incident reconstruction...

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The Koppa Targets Trajectory Scanning Set are precision drilled, feather-weight 80mm spheres that slip easily onto your ¼” trajectory rods. These give you much greater accuracy in determining trajectory paths and also assist in registering scan data with both terrestrial and hand-held scanners. Available in predefined or custom sets, with or without accessory mounts. They are just part of an entire line of target spheres and accessories, available thru Faro or factory-direct from the manufacturer. (photo courtesy

The UltraLite One forensic light combines the power of UltraLite technology and a budget-friendly price of $399. The portable unit includes three lights in one head, allowing you to detect 99.5% of all trace evidence. You can change the forensic light from UV to BMT (Blue) to Green with the push of a button. An internal lithium-ion battery can be recharged in three hours. The kit includes the UltraLite One handle/head; amber, yellow, and red glasses; protective bags for the glasses; and a protective carrying case.

The Kaleidoscope system comes with 3 to 36 red and green lasers used for simultaneous field-based shooting incident and bloodstain impact pattern reconstruction. Lasers can be attached to solid fiberglass dowels for back extrapolation or to tripod mounts to achieve forward projection. The Kaleidoscope system is also unique because it uses Dr. Laura Pettler’s Tubular Dowel System, which refracts laser light in forward projection through clear, hollow acrylic-like dowels placed in cars, Styrofoam heads, and forensic mannequins.

The JEOL AccuTOF-DART mass spectrometer provides instantaneous chemical analysis of samples in open air with little or no sample preparation. Applications include detection of trace evidence, drugs, explosives, chemical weapons agents, poisons, counterfeit and adulterated products, arson accelerants, and more. A DART Forensics Library is now publicly available from NIST and By eliminating the need to prepare a sample for gas or liquid chromatography, the most time-consuming steps of chemical analysis are eliminated.

With the UNITRON Comparison Forensic Microscope, ballistics, firearms and toolmark evidence can be observed simultaneously via a comparison bridge that supports two sets of matched objective sets on a 5-step magnification changer. Images can be viewed as 100% right, 100% left, split, or superimposed. The 22mm field of view eyepieces produce erect, unreversed images that move in the same direction as the specimen for ease of use. With an optional HD camera, you can capture images directly to an SD card or computer.

The Hitachi SU3500 Premium Variable-Pressure SEM featuring real-time 3D image observation is equipped with electron optics and signal-detection schemes. The user-friendly GUI provides comprehensive image observation and display functions. Engineered for a wide range of applications including biological specimens, advanced materials, and trace evidence work, the SU3500 can be combined with technologies and software to make it suitable for automated gunshot residue (GSR) analysis.

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